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272 section 4802 of this title, or receiving payment of a claim under section 4803 or 4804 of this title. The report shall include a description of the claim, the names of the vessels involved, a statement of the amount paid or received, the basis of the determination, and other pertinent information. The Secretary shall also report to Congress at each session all amounts paid or received under those sections during the period covered by the report. However, during a war, the Secretary may omit from a report under this section any information the disclosure of which he believes would prejudice the national security.. § 4806. Settlement or compromise: final and conclusive Notwithstanding any other provision of law, upon acceptance of payment the settlement or compromise of a claim under section 4802 or 4803 of this title is final and conclusive. CHAPTER 453.—ACCOUNTABILITY A N D RESPONSIBILITY Sec. 4831. 4832. 4833. 4834. 4835. 4836. 4837. 4838. 4839. 4840.

Custody of departmental records and property. Property accountability: regulations. Accountability for public money: disbursing oflBcers; agent oflScers. Fidelity bonds: accountable officers; Quartermaster Corps. Reports of survey. Individual equipment: unauthorized disposition. Settlement of accounts: deductions from pay. Settlement of accounts: affidavit of company commander. Settlement of accounts: oaths. Final settlement of officer's accounts.

§ 4831. Custody of departmental records and property The Secretary of the Army has custody and charge of all books, records, papers, furniture, fixtures, and other property under the lawful control of the executive part of the Department of the Army. § 4832. Property accountability: regulations The Secretary of the Array may prescribe regulations for the accounting for Array property and the fixing of responsibility for that property. §4833.

Accountability for public money: disbursing officers; agent officers Under such regulations as the Secretary of the Array may prescribe, any officer of the Army accountable for public money may intrust it to another officer of the Army to make disbursements as his agent. Both the officer to whom money is intrusted under this section, and thp officer who intrusts the money to him, are pecuniarily responsible for that money to the United States. §4834.

Fidelity bonds: accountable officers; Quartermaster Corps (a) Before entering upon the duties of his office, each commissioned officer of the Quartermaster Corps shall give a good and sufficient bond to the United States to account faithfully for all public money and property received by him. A bond required by this subsection shall be in the amount directed by the Secretary of the Army, but the President may at any time direct that the amount be increased.