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320 § 5539. Extension: voluntary, periods and benefits (a) Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy with the approval of the President, a member of the Regular Navy or the Regular Marine Corps may extend or re-extend his enlistment by written agreement for a period of one, two, three, or four full years. However, the total of all such extensions of an enlistment may not exceed four years. (b) A member who extends his enlistment under this section is entitled to the same pay and allowances as though he had reenlisted. For the purpose of determining entitlement to reenlistment bonus and to travel and transportation allowances upon discharge, all such extensions of an enlistment are considered one continuous extension, (c) When a member is discharged from an enlistment that has been extended under this section, he has the same rights, privileges, and benefits that he would have if discharged at the same time from an enlistment not so extended. § 5540. E x p i r a t i o n: r i g h t s of member (a) The senior officer present afloat in foreign waters shall send to the United States by Government or other transportation as soon as possible each enlisted member of the naval service who is serving on a naval vessel, whose term of enlistment has expired, and who desires to return to the United States. However, when the senior officer present afloat considers it essential to the public interest, he may retain such a member on active duty until the vessel returns to the United States. (b) Each member retained under this section— (1) shall be discharged not later than 30 days after his arrival in the United States; and (2) except in time of war is entitled to an increase in basic pay of 25 percent. (c) The substance of this section shall be included in the enlistment contract of each person enlisting in the naval service. Sec.


5571. Regular Navy and Regular Marine Corps: citizenship of oflRcers. 5572. Regular Navy and Regular Marine Corps: appointing power. 5573. Regular Navy and Regular Marine Corps: from graduates of the Naval Academy. 5574. Regular Navy: Medical Corps. 5575. Regular Navy: Supply Corps. 5576. Regular Navy: Chaplain Corps. 5577. Regular Navy: Civii Engineer Corps. 5578. Regular Navy: Dental Corps. 5579. Regular Navy: Medical Service Corps. 5580. Regular Navy: Nurse Corps. ,5581. Naval Reserve: Medical Corps, Dental Corps, Medical Service Corps: women. 5582. Regular Navy: transfers, line and staff corps. 5583. Regular Marine Corps: from noncommissioned officers. .5584. Regular Marine Corps: from former officers. 5585. Regular Marine Corps: order of filling vacancies in grade of second lieutenant. 5586. Regular Navy and Regular Marine Corps: from warrant officers and enlisted members. 5587. Regular Navy: officers designated for engineering duty, aeronautical engineering duty, and special duty. 5588. Regular Marine Corps: officers designated for supply duty.