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XLI C H A P T E R 641.—NAVAL P E T R O L E U M R E S E R V E S Sec. 7421. 7422. 7423. 7424. 7425. 7426. 7427. 7428. 7429. 7430. 7431. 7432. 7433. 7434. 7435. 7436. 7437. 7438. Sec. 7471. 7472. 7473. 7474. 7475. 7476. 7477.

Jurisdiction and control Administration Periodic re-examination of production requirements Protection of oil r e s e r v e s; contracts for conservation Acquisition by condemnation and purchase Cooperative or unit plans affecting naval petroleum numbered 1 Cooperative or unit plans in the naval petroleum reserves Agreement and l e a s e s: provision for change Re-lease of certain lands: lessee's preferential right Disposition of products Requirements as to consultation and approval Expenditures: appropriations chargeable Disposition of royalties Quarterly reports to Armed Services Committees Foreign interest Regulations Violations by lessee Exclusion of naval oil-shale reserves

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Appointments: professional and scientific services Physical examination: employees engaged in hazardous occupations. Employment of aliens Wage r a t e s: establishment Force at naval activities not to be increased before elections Administration of oaths by clerks and employees Transportation of dependents and household effects of civilian personnel stationed outside the United States: payment in lieu of transportation 7478. Naval W a r College: employment of civilian professors; compensation

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7521. Progress payment for work done; lien based on payment 7522. Contracts for research 7523. Tolls and fares: payment or reimbursement

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C H A P T E R 647.—DISPOSAL O F OBSOLETE OR S U R P L U S M A T E R I A L Sec. 7541. Obsolete and other m a t e r i a l: gift or sale to Boy Scouts of America 465 7542. Excess clothing: sale for distribution to needy 465 7543. Useless ordnance m a t e r i a l: disposition of proceeds on sale 465 7544. Devices and t r o p h i e s: transfer to other agencies 465 7545. Obsolete material and articles of historical i n t e r e s t: loan or gift 466 7546. Loan or gift articles to ships' sponsors and donors 466 7547. Equipment for instruction in s e a m a n s h i p: loan to military schools— 466 C H A P T E R 6 4 9 — Q U A R T E R S, U T I L I T I E S, AND R E L A T E D SERVICES Sec. 7571. Q u a r t e r s or other accommodations: to whom furnished 467 7572. Q u a r t e r s: accommodations in place of for members on sea duty 468 7573. Q u a r t e r s: temporary; transient members 468 7574. Q u a r t e r s: limitations on size 468 7575. Q u a r t e r s: exemptions from cost limitations 469 7576. Q u a r t e r s: extension telephones 469 7577. Q u a r t e r s: Nurse Corps Officers; assignment in hospitals 469 7578. Tableware and kitchen u t e n s i l s: limitations on furnishing 469 7579. Officers' messes and q u a r t e r s: limitations on employment of enlisted members 470 7580. H e a t and light for Young Men's Christian Association buildings 470 7581. Marine Corps post l a u n d r i e s: disposition of receipts 470