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382 § 6115. Drill pay; unform gratuity: time limit for filing claim Unless the claim is filed with the General Accounting Office within three years after the end of the quarter in which the right accrued,, no payment may be made on a claim accruing to any member of the Naval Reserve or the Marine Corps Reserve for— (1) compensation for the performance of drills, equivalent instruction or duty, appropriate duty, or administrative functions; or (2) uniform gratuity. § 6116. Service credit: officers; service as midshipman or cadet not counted I n computing length of service for any purpose, no officer of the Navy or the Marine Corps may be credited with service as a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy or as a cadet at the United States Military Academy, if he was appointed as a midshipman or cadet after March 4, 1913. CHAPTER 561.—MISCELLANEOUS RIGHTS A N D BENEFITS Sec. 6141. 6142. 6143. 6144. 6145. 6146. 6147. 6148. 6149. 61f>0. 6151. 6152. 6153. 6154. 6155. 6156. 6157. 6158.

Pay: officers; date of commencement. Pay: assignments. Pay: sale to be discouraged by commanding oflScer. Pay accounts: settlement when lost with vessel. Pay accounts; settlement; fixing date of loss of vessel. Allotments: oflScers. Allowances: prisoners. Disability and death benefits: Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve.Retired pay: computed on basis of rates of pay for officers on the active list. Higher retired grade for officers specially commended. Higher retired grade and pay for members temporarily appointed or promoted during World War II. Emergency shore duty: advance of funds. Shore patrol duty: payment of expenses. Mileage books; commutation tickets. Uniforms, accouterments, and equipment: sale at cost. Uniform: sale to former members of the naval service. Motor vehicles: transportation on permanent change of station. Exemption from arrest for debt: enlisted members of Marine Corps.

§6141. P a y: officers; date of commencement The pay of an officer of the Regular Navy or the Regular Marine Corps begins on the date he accepts his initial appointment, except that— (1) the pay of an officer required to give an official bond begins on the date the bond is approved by proper authority; and (2) the pay of an officer commissioned within six months after his graduation from the United States Naval Academy begins on the date of rank stated in his commission. §6142. P a y: assignments Each assignment of pay due an enlisted member of the naval service and each power of attorney or other authority to draw, receipt for, or transfer that pay is void, unless attested by the member's commanding officer and the disbursing officer having custody of the