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383 member's pay record. An assignment of pay shall state the date when the transfer of pay to the assignee is to begin. §6143. P a y: sale to be discouraged by commanding officer The commanding officer of a vessel shall discourage each member of the crew from selling any part of his pay and may not attest any power of attorney for the transfer of pay unless he is satisfied that the power is not granted in consideration of money given for the purchase of pay. §6144. Pay accounts: settlement when lost with vessel "Wlien the accounts of the disbursing officer of any vessel in the employ of the United States are lost as a result of the destruction of that vessel, his return for the last month may, unless there is official evidence to the contrary, be used in computing later credits to and settling accounts of persons, other than officers, carried on his accounts. If the return for the last month has not been made, the pay accounts may be settled on principles of equity and justice. § 6145. Pay accounts: settlement; fixing date of loss of vessel When a vessel of the Navy is lost or has not been heard from for so long that her loss may be presumed, the General Accounting Office, under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, may lix the date of loss of the vessel for the purpose of settling the accounts of persons aboard other than officers. § 6146. Allotments: officers The Secretary of the Navy, under such regulations as he prescribes, may j^ermit any officer of the naval service to make allotments from his pay— (1) for the support of his family or relatives; (2) for his own savings; or (3) for other proper purposes. §6147. Allowances: prisoners (a) A person confined in a naval confinement facility under the sentence of a court-martial shall be allowed an amount fixed by the Secretary of the Navy of not more than $3 a month for necessary expenses. (b) The appropriations for the pay of the Navy or the Marine Corps, as the case may be, are available for payments under this section. § 6148. Disability and death benefits: Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve (a) A member of the Naval Reserve, the Fleet Reserve, the Marine Corps Reserve, or the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve who is ordered t a active duty, or to perform inactive-duty training, for any period of time, and is disabled in line of duty from injury while so employed, or the beneficiary of such a member who dies from such an injury, is entitled to the same pension, compensation, death gratuity, hospital benefits, and pay and allowances as are provided by Taw or regulation in the case of a member of the Regular Navy or the Regular Marine Corps of the same grade and length of service. For the purpose of