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392 service after enlistment, any enlisted member who, as the result of a false statement of age on his application for enlistment, was enlisted while under the minimum statutory or administrative age limit. A member so discharged or released is entitled to transportation in kind and subsistence from the place of discharge to his home, (b) Appropriations available for pay and allowances, subsistence, and transportation of enlisted members of the naval service are available for payments under this section. § 6293. Minors enlisted without consent of parent or guardian (a) Upon application by a parent or guardian of any enlisted meml)er of the naval service made to the Secretary of the Navy within 90 days after the member's enlistment, the member shall be discharged for his own convenience if— {}) there is evidence satisfactory to the Secretary that the member is under 21 years of age; and (2) the member enlisted without the written consent of his parent or guardian, if any. (b) Upon application by either of his parents, or, in case of their death, upon application by his legal guardian, any minor enlisted in the Regular Navy as a seaman, seaman apprentice, or seaman recruit on his own oath as to age under section 5535 of this title shall be discharged if there is evidence satisfactory to the Secretary that the member— (1) swore falsely as to his age; and (2) was under 18 years of age when he enlisted. (c) A member discharged under subsection (b) shall pay the full cost of first outfit, unless the Secretary relieves him of that payment. § 6294.

Women in the Regular Navy and Regular Marine Corps: termination of enlistment The Secretary of the Navy, under regulations prescribed by him, may terminate the enlistment of and discharge any enlisted woman in the Regular Navy or the Regular Marine Corps. § 6295. Regular Navy: early discharge Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy and approved by the President, any enlisted member of the Regular Navy may be discharged within three months before the expiration of the term of his enlistment or extended enlistment. A discharge under this section does not affect any right, privilege, or benefit that a member would have had if he had completed his enlistment or extended enlistment, except that the member is not entitled to pay and allowances for the period not served. § 6296. Furlough without pay The Secretary of the Navy, under conditions prescribed by him, may grant a furlough without pay to any enlisted member of the Regular Navy for the unexpired term of his enlistment. I n time of war or national emergency the member may, while on that furlough, be recalled to serve until his enlistment expires.