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431 (f) The failure of a member of a graduating class to complete the course with his class does not delay the appointment of his successor. §6957.

Admission of foreigners for instruction: restrictions; conditions (a) No person from a foreign country may be permitted to receive instruction at the Naval Academy except as authorized by this section. (b) The Secretary of the Navy may permit persons designated by the President to receive instruction at the Academy as follows: (1) Not more than 20 at a time from Canada and the American Republics other than the United States. (2) Not more than four at a time from the Republic of the Philippines. Of the 20 persons permitted under clause (1) to receive instruction at the Academy at any one time, not more than three may be from the same country. (c) A person receiving instruction under this section is entitled to the same pay and allowances, to be paid from the same appropriations, as midshipmen. (d) Except as the Secretary determines, a person receiving instruction under this section is subject to the same regulations governing admission, attendance, discipline, resignation, discharge, dismissal, and graduation, as a midshipman. However, a person receiving instruction under this section is not entitled to an appointment in the Navy or the Marine Corps by reason of his graduation from the Academy. §6958. Midshipmen: qualifications for admission (a) Each candidate for admission to the Naval Academy— (1) must be at least 17 years of age and must not have passed his twenty-second birthday on July 1 of the calendar year in which he enters the Academy; and (2) shall be examined according to such regulations as the Secretary of the Navy prescribes, and if rejected at one examination may not be examined again for admission to the same class unless recommended by the Academic Board. (b) Each candidate for admission nominated under clauses (3) - (7) of section 6954(a) of this title must be domiciled in the State or Territory, or in the congressional district, from which he is nominated, or in the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico, if nominated from one of those places. (c) Each candidate nominated under clause (2) or (3) of section 6954 (b) of this title— (1) must be a citizen of the United States; (2) must have served at least one year as an enlisted member on the date of entrance; (3) must have passed the required physical examination; and (4) shall be appointed in the order of merit from candidates who have, in competition with each other, passed the required mental examination.