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432 § 6959. Midshipmen: agreement for length of service Each midshipman who is a citizen or national of the United States shall sign an agreement that, unless sooner separated, he will— (1) complete the course of instruction at the Naval Academy j (2) accept an appointment and serve as a commissioned officer of the Regular Navy, the Regular Marine Corps, or the Regular Air Force for at least three years immediately after graduation ^ and (3) accept an appointment as a commissioned officer in the reserve component of the Navy or the Marine Corps or as a Reserve in the Air Force for service in the Air Force Reserve and remain therein until the sixth anniversary of his graduation if an appointment in the regular component of that armed force is not tendered to him or if he is permitted to resign as a commissioned officer of that component before that anniversary. If the midshipman is a minor and has parents or a guardian, he may sign the agreement only with the consent of the parents or guardian. § 6960. Midshipmen: clothing and equipment; uniform allowance The Secretary of the Navy may prescribe the amount to be credited to a midshipman, upon original admission to the Naval Academy, for the cost of his initial issue of clothing and equipment. That amount shall be deducted from his pay. If a midshipman is discharged before graduation while OAving the United States for pay advanced for the purchase of required clothing and equipment, he shall turn in as much of his clothing and equipment of a distinctively military nature as is necessary to repay the amount advanced. I f the value of the clothing and equipment turned in does not cover the amount owed, the indebtedness shall be canceled. § 6961. Midshipmen: dismissal for best interests of the service (a) Whenever the Superintendent of the Naval Academy believes that the continued presence of any midshipman at the Academy is contrary to the best interest of the service, he shall report in writing to the Secretary of the Navy a full statement of the facts upon which his belief is based. If the Secretary determines from the report that the Superintendent's belief is well founded, the Secretary shall serve a copy of the report on the midshipman. Within such time as the Secretary considers reasonable, the midshipman shall show cause in writing why he should not be dismissed from the Academy. The Secretary, after consideration of any cause so shown, and with the written approval of the President, may dismiss the midshipman from the Academy and from the naval service. (b) The truth of any issue of fact raised under subsection (a), except as to the record of demerits, shall be determined by a court of inquiry convened by the Secretary. §6962.

Midshipmen: discharge for unsatisfactory conduct or inaptitude (a) The Superintendent of the Naval Academy shall submit to the Secretary of the Navy in writing a full report of the facts— (1) whenever the Superintendent determines that the conduct of a midshipman is unsatisfactory; or