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439 (b) This chapter does not apply to any civilian member who was employed at the Naval Academy or the Postgraduate School on January 16, 1936, and who did not elect to participate in the benefits provided by the Act of January 16, 1936, ch. 3 (49 Stat. 1092). § 7082. Deferred annuity policy required Each civilian member, as a part of his contract of employment, shall carry, during his employment, a deferred annuity policy, having no cash surrender or loan provision, in a joint-stock life insurance corporation that is incorporated under the laws of a State and has a charter restriction that its business must be conducted without profit to its stockholders. §7083.

Annuity premium to be paid by monthly installments; government reimbursement Each civilian member shall make a monthly allotment in an amount equal to 10 percent of his monthly basic salary through the Chief, Field Branch, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, toward the purchase of his deferred annuity policy. For each month the allotment is in force, the pay account of the civilian member shall be credited monthly from appropriations made for this purpose with an additional amount equal to 5 percent of his monthly basic salary. § 7084. Age of retirement A civilian member may be retired at any time after his sixty-fifth birthday, and shall be retired by June 30 following that birthday. However, in any special case the Secretary of the Navy may defer the retirement of a member until a date not later than the member's seventieth birthday. § 7085. Computation of life annuity Each civilian member who retires under section 7084 of this title is entitled to a life annuity computed by multiplying his average annual compensation during any five consecutive years of allowable service, at his option, by his number of years of service, not exceeding 35, and dividing the product by 70. The retirement annuity payable to a retired civilian member under a policy required by section 7082 of this title is counted as part of the retirement annuity provided in this section. Any difference between the amount received by the retired civilian member under his annuity policy and the total annual amount to which he is entitled under this section shall be paid to him by the Secretary of the Navy from appropriations made for this purpose. § 7086. Physical disability retirement (a) Each civilian member who has served not less than five years, and who, before reaching the age of 65, becomes totally disabled for useful and efficient service in his position, by reason of disease or injury not due to his own vicious habits, intemperance, or willful misconduct shall, upon his application or upon the request of the Secretary of the Navy, be retired with a life annuity computed under section 7085 of this title. (b) The amount that the Secretary shall pay annually under this section is the difference between the total amount to which the 81913 0 — 5 6