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458 sold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of, unless the Chief of Naval Operations certifies that it is not essential to the defense of the United States. (b) Without authority from Congress granted after March 10, 1951, no battleship, aircraft carrier, cruiser, destroyer, or submarine that has not been stricken from the Naval Vessel Register under section 7304 of this title, nor any interest of the United Sates in such a vessel, may be sold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of under any law. §7308.

Transfer or gift of obsolete, condemned, or captured vessels (a) Subject to section 474 of title 40, the Secretary of the Navy may transfer by gift or otherwise, on terms prescribed by him, any obsolete or condemned vessel of the Navy or any captured vessel in the possession of the Department of the Navy to— (1) any State, Territory, Commonwealth, or possession of the United States, or any municipal corporation or political subdivision thereof; (2) the District of Columbia or the Canal Zone; or (3) any corporation or association whose charter or articles of agreement denies it the right to operate for profit, (b) Each agreement for the transfer of a vessel under this section shall include a stipulation that— (1) the transferee will maintain the vessel in a condition satisfactory to the Department of the Navy; and (2) no expense to the United States will result from the transfer. (c) No transfer under this section takes effect unless— (1) notice of the proposal to make the transfer is sent to Congress; (2) 60 calendar days of continuous session of Congress have expired after the notice is sent to Congress; and (3) during that 60-day period Congress does not pass a concurrent resolution stating in substance that it does not favor the proposed transfer. CHAPTER 635.—NAVAL AIRCRAFT Sec.

7341. Airplanes and lighter-than-air craft: authorized number. 7342. Percentage required to be constructed or manufactured in United States plants. 7343. Manufacture in United States plants under certain circumstances. 7344. Suspension of construction in case of treaty. § 7341. Airplanes and lighter-than-air craft: authorized number (a) The President may acquire, construct, or manufacture naval airplanes, spare parts, and equipment necessary to provide and maintain 15,000 useful naval airplanes. However, if in the judgment of the Secretary of the Navy the number of airplanes authorized in this section is insufficient to meet the needs of the national defense, the Secretary may, with the approval of the President, make such plans for procurement as the situation demands.