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464 (e) Current appropriations available for travel and transportation may be used for expenditures under this section. §7478.

Naval War College: employment of civilian professors; compensation (a) The Secretary of the Navy may employ as many civilians as professors, instructors, and lecturers at the Naval W a r College as he •considers necessary. (b) The compensation of persons employed under this section is as prescribed by the Secretary. (c) The Secretary, to the extent he considers proper, may delegate the authority conferred by this section to any person in the Department of the Navy, with or without the authority to make successive redelegations.

CHAPTER 645.—PROCUREMENT OF SUPPLIES AND SERVICES •Sec. 7521. Progress payment for work done; lien based on payment 7522. Contracts for research. 7523. Tolls and fares: payment or reimbursement.

§ 7521. Progress payment for work done; lien based on payment The Secretary of the Navy may make partial payments during the progress of work done under a contract made by the Department of the Navy. Partial payments may not exceed the value of the work done and may be made only under contracts providing therefor and in accordance with the contract provisions. Each such contract shall provide that, when a partial payment is made, a lien on the thing contracted for accrues to the United States on account of the payments so made. This lien is paramount to all other liens. §7522. Contracts for research (a) The Secretary of the Navy and, by direction of the Secretary, the Chief of Naval Research and the chiefs of bureaus may, without advertising, make contracts or amendments or modifications of contracts for services and materials necessary to conduct research and to make or secure reports, tests, models, or apparatus. A contractor supplying such services or materials need not be required to furnish a bond. (b) Section 529 of title 31 does not apply to advance, progress, •or other payments made with respect to a contract under this section. (c) This section does not authorize the use of the cost-plus-apercentage-of-cost system of contracting. § 7523. Tolls and fares: payment or reimbursement Naval appropriations chargeable for transportation or travel are available for the payment or reimbursement of ferry, bridge, and similar tolls and of streetcar, bus, and similar fares.