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§7624. Reports to Congress (a) The Secretary of the Navy shall report to the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and the House of Representatives within 20 days after an amount over $3,000 is paid by him under section 7622 of this title or is received by him under section 7623. The report shall include a description of the claim, the names of the vessels involved, a statement of the amount paid or received, the basis of the determination, and other pertinent information. (b) The Secretary shall report to Congress at each session all claims that have been paid under section 7622 of this title during the period covered by the report. (c) During a war the Secretary may omit from a report under this section any information the disclosure of which he believes would prejudice the national security. §7625.

Claims against the United States: private property; loss or damage (a) The Secretary of the Navy may settle and pay in an amount not more than $500 a claim against the United States for damage to or loss of privately owned property caused by a member of the naval service. (b) This section does not apply to claims for damage caused by a vessel in the naval service or caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of a member of the naval service acting within the scope of his office or employment. CHAPTER 655.—PRIZE Sec.

7651. Scope of chapter. 7652. Jurisdiction. 7653. Court in which proceedings brought. 7654. Effect of failure to start proceedings. 7655. Appointment of prize commissioners and special prize commissioners.^ 7656. Duties of United States attorney. 7657. Duties of commanding officer of capturing vessel. 7658. Duties of prize master. 7659. Libel and proceedings by United States attorney. 7660. Duties of prize commissioners. 7661. Interrogation of witnesses by prize commissioners. 7662. Duties of marshal. 7663. Prize property appropriated for the use of the United States. 7664. Delivery of property on stipulation. 7665. Sale of prize. 7666. Mode of making sale. 7667. Transfer of prize property to another district for sale, 7668. Disposition of prize money. 7669. Security for costs. 7670. Costs and expenses a charge on prize property. 7671. Payment of costs and expenses from prize fund. 7672. Recaptures: award of salvage, costs, and expenses. 7673. Allowance of expenses to marshals. 7674. Payment of witness fees. 7675. Commissions of auctioneers. 7676. Compensation of prize commissioners and special prize commissioners.7677. Accounts of clerks of district courts. 7678. Interfering with delivery, custody, or sale of prize property. 7679. Powers of district court over prize property notwithstanding appeal. 7680. Appeals and amendments in prize causes. 7681. Reciprocal privileges to cobelligerent.