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480 sold in a judicial district other than the one in which the proceedings are pending, the court may direct the marshal to transfer the property to the district selected by the court for the sale, and to insure it. I n such a case the court shall give the marshal proper orders as to the time and manner of conducting the sale. (b) When so ordered the marshal shall transfer the property and keep it safely. He is responsible for its sale in the same manner as if the property were in his own district and for the deposit of the gross proceeds with the Treasurer of the United States or public depositary nearest to the place of sale, subject to the order of the court for the district where the adjudication is pending. (c) The necessary expenses of insuring, transferring, receiving, keeping, and selling the property are a charge upon it and upon the proceeds. Whenever any such expense is paid in advance by the marshal, any amount not repaid to him from the proceeds shall be allowed to him as in the case of expenses incurred in suits in which the United States is a party. (d) If the Secretary of the Navy believes that it will be in the interest of all parties to have the property sold in a judicial district other than the one in which the proceedings are pending, he may, either by a general regulation or by a special direction in the cause, require the marshal to transfer the property from the district in which the judicial proceedings are pending to any other district for sale. In such a case proceedings shall be had as if the transfer had been made by order of the court. §7668. Disposition of prize money The net proceeds of all property condemned as prize shall be decreed to the United States and shall be ordered by the court to be paid into the Treasury. §7669. Security for costs The court may require any party to give security for costs at any stage of the cause and upon filing an appeal. §7670. Costs and expenses a charge on prize property (a) Costs and expenses allowed by the court incident to the bringing in, custody, preservation, insurance, and sale or other disposal of prize property are a charge upon the property and shall be paid from the proceeds thereof, unless the court decrees restitution free from such a charge. (b) Charges for work and labor, materials furnished, or money paid must be supported by affidavit or vouchers. § 7671. Payment of costs and expenses from prize fund (a) Payment may not be made from a prize fund except upon the order of the court. The court may, at any time, order the payment, from the deposit made with the Treasurer or public depositary in the cause, of costs or charges accrued and allowed. (b) When the cause is finally disposed of, the court shall order the Treasurer or public depositary to pay the costs and charges allowed and unpaid. If the final decree is for restitution, or if there is no money subject to the order of the court in the cause, costs or charges allowed by the cdurt and not paid by the claimants shall be paid out