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482 (2) 1 percent on any amount exceeding $10,000 on the sale of other prize property, (b) If no such scale is established, auctioneers in prize causes shall be paid such compensation as the court considers just under the circumstances of each case. § 7676.

Compensation of prize commissioners and special prize commissioners (a) Naval prize commissioners and naval special prize commissioners may not receive compensation for their services in prize causes other than that to which they are entitled as officers of the Navy. (b) Prize commissioners and special prize commissioners, except naval prize commissioners and naval special prize commissioners, are entitled to just and suitable compensation for their services in prize causes. The amount of compensation in each cause shall be determined by the court and allowed as costs. (c) Annually, on the anniversary of his appointment, each prize commissioner and special prize commissioner, except a naval prize commissioner or a naval special prize commissioner, shall submit to the Attorney General an account of all amounts received for his services in prize causes within the previous year. Of the amounts reported, each such commissioner may retain not more than $3,000, which is in full satisfaction for all his services in prize causes for that year. He shall pay any excess over that amount into the Treasury. § 7677. Accounts of clerks of district courts (a) The clerk of each district court, for the purpose of the final decree in each prize cause, shall keep account of— (1) the amount deposited with the Treasurer or public depositary, subject to the order of the court in the cause; and (2) the amounts ordered to be paid therefrom as costs and charges. (b) The clerk shall draw the orders of the court for the payment of costs and allowances and for the disposition of the residue of the prize fund in each cause. (c) The clerk shall send to the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of the Navy— (1) copies of final decrees in prize causes; and (2) a semi-annual statement of the amounts allowed by the court, and ordered to be paid, within the preceding six months to the prize commissioners and special prize commissioners for their services. § 7678.

Interfering with delivery, custody, or sale of prize property Whoever willfully does, or aids or advises in the doing of, any act relating to the bringing in, custody, preservation, sale, or other disposition of any property captured as prize, or relating to any documents or papers connected with the property or to any deposition or other aocument or paper connected with the proceedings, with intent to defraud, delay, or injure the United States or any claimant of that property, shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.