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501 (e) General officers on the active list of the Kegular Air Force who are specifically authorized by law to hold any civil office under the United States, or any instrumentality thereof, are not counted in determining authorized strength under this section. §8211. Regular Air Force: strength in grade; promotion-list officers (a) Subject to subsection (b), the authorized strength of thd^ Regular Air Force in officers in each regular grade on each of the promotion lists authorized by section 8296 of this title shall be as prescribed by the Secretary of the Air Force. A vacancy in any grade on a promotion list may be filled by an appointment in any lower OTade. (b) Each strength prescribed by the Secretary under subsection (a) shall be stated as a percentage of the strength authorized for the particular list, and the schedule of percentages may be different for each list. No schedule for a list may authorize, with respect to a grade, a percentage that is higher than the sum of (1) the figure fixed for th& grade according to the following table, and (2) the amounts, if any, by which the percentages fixed by the Secretary for higher grades are less than the figures fixed according to that table: Column 1 Grade

Colonel Lieutenant colonel Major Captain First lieutenant.-. Second lieutenant.

Column 2

Medical, dental, and veterinary officers, chaplains, and judge advocates

All other promotion lists



>8 14 19 23 36


>8 14 19 33 18 18

' Colonels whose retirement is deferred under section 8921(b) of this title are not included within thl« percentage. » None may be authorized by the Secretary for this category.

§8212. Regular Air Force: strength in grade; temporary increases The authorized strength in any regular grade, as prescribed by or under this chapter, is automatically increased to the minimum extent necessary to give effect to each appointment made in that grade under section 1211(a), 8298, 8299, 8304, or 9353 of this title. An authorized strength so increased is increased for no other purpose, and while he holds that grade the officer whose appointment caused the increase is counted tor the purpose of determining when other appointments, not under those sections, may be made in that grade. § 8213. Regular Air Force: warrant officers on active list The authorized strength of the Regular Air Force in warrant officers on the active list is 4,800. §8214. Regular Air Force: enlisted members on active duty ITie authorized strength of the Regular Air Force in enlisted members on active duty, exclusive of officer candidates and aviation cadets, is 502,000 less the number of members of the Air Force on active