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510 .. (b) An officer appointed under subsection (a) shall be credited for promotion with the minimum number of years of tervice required for promotion of officers of that category to the grade in which he i» appointed. § 8295. Commissioned officers: original appointment; determination of place on promotion list The name of each person originally appointed in a commissioned grade in the Kegular Air Force shall be placed on the applicable promotion list, if any, immediately below the junior officer of the same grade having the same or next longer service. § 8296. Promotion lists: promotion-list officer defined; determination of place upon transfer or promotion (a) The names of all commissioned officers in grades below brigadier general on the active list of the Regular Air Force, except Air Force nurses, women medical specialists, those in special categories otherwise excluded under law, and professors of the United States Air Force Academy shall be carried on promotion lists in descending order of grade and rank in the Eegular Air Force. Air Foice nurses and women medical specialists may be carried en promotion lists, but only on separate promotion lists maintnined under subsection (b). Officers whose names are carried on a promotion list may be called "promotion-list officers". (b) A separate promotion list may be maintained for commissioned officers of the Regular Air Force in each of the following categories: (1) Chaplains. (2) Judge Advocates. (3) Medical officers. (4) Dental officers. (6) Veterinary officers. ,',;! (6) Medical service officers. (7) Air Force nurses. (8) Women medical specialists. (9) Any category established by the Secretary of the Air Force under section 8067(i) of this title. (c) The names of all regular officers, other than Air Force nurses and women medical specialists, not on a list maintained under subsection (b) shall be carried on the Air Force promotion list. (d) If a promotion-list officer is transferred from one category to another whose officers are carried on a different promotion list, his name shall be placed upon the promotion list to which he is transferred among the officers of his grade in accordance with ser^c:ity as determined under section 8574(b) of this title. (e) Unless specifically provided otherwise, upon the promotion of a promotion-list officer, his name shall be placed at the foot of the list of officers of his grade. §8297. Selection boards (a) Under such regulations as he may prescribe, the Secretary of the Air Force shall detail selection boards, to meet at times prescribed by him, to recommend promotion-list officers and brigadier generals of the Regular Air Force for promotion in the Regular Air Force. Each