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528 § 8545. Duties: officers; superintendence of cooking for enlisted members The cooking for enlisted members of the Air Force shall be superintended by the officers of the organizations to which the members belong. § 8546. Duties: medical officers, contract surgeons; attendance on families of members Medical officers and contract surgeons of the Air Force shall, when practicable, attend the families of members of the Air Force who are on active duty, retired, or on the temporary disability retired list. Such attendance shall be free of charge. §8547. Duties: chaplains; assistance required of commanding officers (a) Each chaplain shall, when practicable, hold appropriate religious services at least once on each Sunday for the command to which he is assigned, and shall perform appropriate religious burial services for members of the Air Force who die while in that command. (b) Each commanding officer shall furnish facilities, including necessary transportation, to any chaplain assigned to his command, to assist the chaplain in performing his duties. §8548. Duties: warrant officers; limitations Under regulations prescribed by the President, a warrant officer may be assigned to perform duties that necessarily include those normally performed by a commissioned officer. §8549. Duties: female members; limitations Female members of the Air Force, except those designated under section 8067 of this title, or appointed with a view to designation under that section, may not be assigned to duty in aircraft engaged in combat missions. CHAPTER 845.—RANK AND COMMAND Sec. 8571. Rank: commissioned oflScers on active duty. 8572. Rank: commissioned officers serving under temporary appointments. 8573. Rank: commissioned officers in regular grades of brigadier general and major general; seniority list. 8574. Rank: commissioned officers in regular grades below brigadier general. 8575. Rank: warrant officers. 8576. Command: when different commands of Air Force and Marine Corps join, 8577. Command: flying units. 8578. Command: commissioned officers of Air Force in same grade on duty at same place. 8579. Command: commissioned officers in certain designated categories. 8580. Command: female members of Air Force. 8581. Command: chaplains. 8582. Command: retired officers,

§ 8571. Rank: commissioned officers on active duty (a) Commissioned officers of the Air Force on active duty in the same grade rank" among themselves according to date of rank. The date of rank—