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560 § 9302. Enlisted members of Air Force: schools (a) So far as consistent with the requirements of military training and service, and under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Air Force with the approval of the President, enlisted members of the Air Force shall be permitted to study and receive instruction to increase their military efficiency and to enable them to return to civilian life better equipped for industrial, commercial, and business occupations. Part of this instruction may be vocational education in agriculture or the mechanic arts. Civilian teachers may be employed to aid Air Force officers in this instruction. (b) Schools for the instruction of enlisted members of the Air Force in the common branches of education, including United States history, shall be maintained at all air bases at which members of the Air Force are stationed. The Secretary may detail members of the Air Force to carry out this subsection. The commander of each air base where schools are maintained under this subsection shall provide a suitable room or building for school and religious purposes. §9303. Aviation cadets and aviation students: schools The Secretary of the Air Force shall establish and maintain— (1) one or more schools for the training and instruction of aviation cadets; and (2) courses of instruction for aviation students at one or more established flying schools. §9304.

Aviation students: detail of enlisted members of Air Force The Secretary of the Air Force may detail enlisted Regulars of the Air Force, and enlisted Reserves of the Air Force who are on active duty, for training and instruction as aviation students in their respective grades at schools selected by him. §9305.

Civilian flying school instructors: instruction at Air Force training commands (a) The Secretary of the Air Force may provide for the instruction and training, at Air Force training commands, of civilians selected from the instructional staffs of civilian flying schools that are accredited by the Department of the Air Force for the education and training of members of the Air Force. (b) The training of civilians under subsection (a) shall be without cost to the United States, except for supplies necessary for training purposes. (c) A civilian undergoing training under subsection (a) may be treated in a Government hospital if he becomes sick or is injured. However, that treatment shall be without cost to the United States except for services of Government medical personnel and the use of hospital equipment other than medicine or supplies. (d) No civilian who sustains a personal injury, and no dependent of a civilian who dies of disease or injury, while undergoing training under subsection (a), is entitled to any compensation, pension^ or gratuity for that injury or death.