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561 § 9306.. Service schools: leaves of absence for instructors The oflGicer in charge of an Air Force service school may grant a leave of absence for the period of the suspension of the ordinary academic studies, without deduction of pay or allowances, to any officer on duty exclusively as an instructor at the school. § 9314. United States Air Force Institute of Technology: degrees^ When the United States Air Force Institute of Technology is accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation association or authority, the Commander of the Air University may, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Air Force may prescribe, confer appropriate degrees upon persons who meet the requirements for those degrees in the Resident College of that Institute. CHAPTER 903.—UNITED STATES AIR FORCE ACADEMY Sec.

9S31. 9332. 9333. 9334. 9335. 9336. 9337. 9341. 9342. 9343. 9344. 9345. 9346. 9347. 9348. 9349. 9350. 9351. 9352. 9353. 9354. 9355.

Establishment; Superintendent; faculty. Departments and professors: titles. Superintendent; faculty: appointment and detail. Command and supervision. Dean of the Faculty. Permanent professors. Chaplain. Faculty and other officers: leaves of absence. Cadets: appointment; numbers, territorial distribution. Cadets: appointment; to bring to full strength. Selection of persons from Canada and American Republics. Selection of Filipinos. Cadets: requirements for admission. Cadets; nominees: effect of redistricting of States. Cadets: agreement to serve as officer. Cadets: organization; service; instruction. Cadets: clothing and equipment. Cadets: deficiencies in conduct or studies; effect of failure on successor. Cadets: hazing. Cadets: degree and commission on graduation. Buildings and grounds: buildings for religious worship. Board of Visitors.

§ 9331. Establishment; Superintendent; faculty (a) There is in the Department of the Air Force an Air Force Academy, in this chapter called the "Academy", for the instruction and preparation for military service of selected persons called "Air Force cadets". The organization of the Academy shall be prescribed by theSecretary of the Air Force. (b) There shall be at the Academy the following: (1) A Superintendent. (2) A dean of the Faculty, who is a permanent professor. (3) A Commandant of Cadets. (4) 21 permanent professors. (5) A chaplain.