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565 (c) Except as the Secretary determines, a person receiving instruction under this section is subject to the same regulations governing admission, attendance, discipline, resignation, discharge, dismissal, and graduation as a cadet at the Academy appointed from the United States. However, a person receiving instruction under this section is not entitled to appointment in the Air Force by reason of his graduation from the Academy. § 9345. Selection of Filipinos (a) The Secretary of the Air Force may permit not more than four Filipinos at any one time to receive instruction at the Academy. Of these, one may be designated by the President of the Republic of the Philippines for each entering class. (b) A Filipino receiving instruction under this section is entitled to the pay, allowances, and emoluments of a cadet appointed from the United States, and from the same appropriations. § 9346. Cadets: requirements for admission (a) To be eligible for admission to the Academy a candidate must be at least 17 years of age and must not have passed his twenty-second birthday on July 1 of the year in which he enters the Academy. (b) To be admitted to the Academy, an appointee must show, by an examination held under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Air Force, that he is qualified in the subjects prescribed by the Secretary. (c) A candidate designated as a principal or an alternate for appointment as a cadet shall appear for physical examination at a time and place designated by the Secretary. § 9347. Cadets; nominees: effect of redistricting of States If as a result of redistricting a State the domicile of a cadet, or a nominee, nominated by a Representative falls within a congressional district other than that from which he was nominated, he is charged to the district in which his domicile so falls. For this purpose, the number of cadets otherwise authorized for that district is increased to include him. However, the number as so increased is reduced by one if he fails to become a cadet or when he is finally separated from the Academy. § 9348. Cadets: agreement to serve as officer Each cadet who is a citizen or national of the United States shall sign an agreement that, unless sooner separated, he will— (1) complete the course of instruction at the Academy; (2) accept an appointment and serve as a commissioned officer of the Regular Air Force for at least the three years immediately after graduation; and (3) accept an appointment as a commissioned officer as a Reserve for service in the Air Force Reserve and remain therein until the sixth anniversary of his graduation, if an appointment in th& Regular Air Force is not tendered to him, or if he is permitted to resign as a commissioned officer of that component before that anniversary. I f the cadet is a minor and has parents or a guardian, he may sign the agreement only with the consent of the parents or guardian.