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570 (b) Except in time of actual or threatened hostilities, no camp may be maintained under subsection (a)(1) for more than six weeks in any one year. (c) A member of the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps and any other person authorized by the Secretary to take advanced training at a camp authorized under subsection (a)(1) is entitled, while training at the camp, to pay at the rate prescribed for enlisted members of the Air Force in pay grade E - 1 (under 4 months). § 9386. Supplies and uniforms (a) Under such conditions as he may prescribe, the Secretary of the Air Force may issue to institutions at which units of the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps are maintained— (1) public animals and forage for them; (2) means of transportation, arms, ammunition, supplies, and tentage; and (3) uniforms, except that he may pay commutation at a rate fixed by him annually instead of uniforms. (b) The Secretary may authorize such expenditures as he considers necessary for the efficient maintenance of the Corps. (c) The Secretary shall require, from each institution to which property is issued under subsection (a), a bond or other indemnity in such amount as he considers adequate, but not less than $5,000, for the care and safekeeping of all property so issued except uniforms, expendable articles and supplies expended in operation, maintenance, and instruction. The Secretary may accept a bond without surety if the institution to which the property is issued furnishes to him satisfactory evidence of its financial responsibility. § 9387. Advanced training: compensation (a) A member of the senior division of the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps is eligible for advanced training, and is entitled to an allowance for subsistence at such rate, not exceeding the cost of the garrison ration of the Air Force, as may be fixed by the Secretary of the Air Force during the remainder of his service in the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps, but not more than two years, if he— (1) has completed two academic years of training in the senior division or equivalent training under subsection (b); (2) has been selected for advanced training by the head of the institution and the professor of air science and tactics; (3) agrees in writing to continue in the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps for the remainder of his course at the institution; (4) agrees in writing to devote five hours a week to the military training prescribed by the Secretary or, if a medical, dental, pharmacy, or veterinary student, to continue in training for the remainder of the course prescribed by section 9383 of this title; and (5) agrees in writing to take a course prescribed by the Secretary, at a training camp. (b) Under such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe, in determining a member's eligibility for advanced training and entitlement to an allowance for subsistence under subsection (a), he may