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581 §9626.

Aircraft supplies and services: foreign military or air attache Under such conditions as he may prescribe, the Secretary of the Air Force may provide for the sale of fuel, oil, and other supplies for use in aircraft operated by a foreign military or air attache accredited to the United States, and for the furnishing of mechanical service and other assistance to such aircraft. Shelter may be furnished to such aircraft, but only without charge. §9627. Supplies: educational institutions Under such regulations as the Secretary of the Air Force may prescribe, supplies and military publications procured for the Air Force may be sold to any educational institution to which an officer of the Air Force is detailed as professor of air science and tactics, for the use of its military students. Sales under this section shall be for cash. § 9628. Airplane parts and accessories: civilian flying schools The Secretary of the Air Force may sell, to civilian flying schools at which personnel of the Department of the Air Force or the Department of the Army are receiving flight training under contracts requiring these schools to maintain and repair airplanes of the Air Force furnished to them for flight training, the spare parts and accessories needed for those repairs. §9629. Proceeds: disposition The proceeds of sales of the following shall be paid into the Treasury to the credit of the appropriation out of which they were purchased, and are available for the purposes of that appropriation: (1) Exterior articles of uniform sold under section 9621 of this title. (2) Supplies, war material, and military publications sold to educational institutions under section 9627 of this title. (3) Fuel, oil, other supplies, and services for aircraft of a foreign military or air attache sold under section 9626 of this title. CHAPTER 941.—ISSUE OF SERVICEABLE MATERIAL OTHER THAN TO ARMED FORCES Sec. 9651. Arms, tentage, and equipment: educaticnal instiiiiiions nol maintaining units of A. F. R. O. T. C. 9652. Rifles and ammunition for target practice: educational institutions having corps of cadets. 9653. Ordnance and ordnance stores: District of Columbia high schools. 9654. Supplies: military instruction camps. 9655. Arms and ammunition: agencies and departments of United States. 9656. Aircraft and equipment: civilian aviation schools.


Arms, tentage, and equipment: educational institutions not maintaining units of A. F. R. 0. T. C. Under such conditions as he may prescribe, the Secretary of the Air Force may issue arms, tentage, and equipment that he considers necessary for proper military training, to any educational institution at which no unit of the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps is maintained, but which has a course in military training prescribed by