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13 T h i s subsection does not apply to a member of the Keady Reserve while he is serving under an agreement to remain in the Eeady Reserve for a stated period. (f) Subject to subsection (g), a member in the Ready Reserve may be transferred to the Standby Reserve or, if he is qualified and so requests, to the Retired Reserve, under such regulations as the Secretary concerned, with the approval of the Secretary of Defense in the case of a Secretary of a military department, may prescribe. (g) A member of the Army National Guard of the United States or the Air National Guard of the United States may be transferred to the Standby Reserve only with the consent of the governor or other appropriate authority of the State or Territory, Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone, or the District of Columbia, whichever is concerned. § 273. S t and by Reserve: composition; inactive s t a t u s list (a) The Standby Reserve consists of those units or members, or both, of the reserve components, other than those in the Ready Reserve or Retired Reserve, who are liable for active duty only as provided in sections 672- and 674 of this title. (b) A n inactive status list shall be maintained in the Standby Reserve. Whenever an authority designated by the Secretary concerned considers that it is in the best interest of the armed force concerned, a member in the Standby Reserve who is not required to remain a Reserve, and who cannot participate in prescribed training, may, if qualified, be transferred to the inactive status list under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary concerned. These regulations shall fix the conditions under which such a member is entitled to be returned to an active status. (c) While in an inactive status, a Reserve is not eligible for pay or promotion. § 274. Retired Reserve The Retired Reserve consists of Reserves— (1) who have been transferred to it upon their request; (2) who retain their status as Reserves; and (3) who are otherwise qualified. § 275. Personnel records Each armed force shall maintain adequate and current personnel records of each member of its reserve components showing— (1) his physical condition; (2) his dependency status: (3) his military qualifications; (4) his civilian occupational skills: (5) his availability for service: and (6) such other information as the Secretary concerned may prescribe. § 276. Mobilization forces: maintenance (a) Whenever units or members of the reserve components are ordered to active duty (other than for training) durinc: a period of partial mobilization, the Secretary concerned shall continue to maintain mobilization forces by planning and budgeting for the continued