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25 signed, may be appointed as a Reserve of any armed force under the jurisdiction of that Secretary. § 593. Commissioned oflScers: appointment, how made; term (a) Appointments of Eeserves in commissioned grades below general officer and flag officer, except commissioned warrant officer, shall be made by the President alone. Appointments of Reserves as general and flag officers shall be made by the President, by and with the advic** and consent of the Senate. (b) Appointments of Reserves in commissioned grades are for an indefinite term and are held during the pleasure of the President. § 594. Commissioned officers: original appointment; limitation (a) No person may be appointexi as a Reserve in a commissioned grade above major or lieutenant commander, unless— (1) he was formerly a commissioned officer of an armed force; or (2) such an appointment is recommended by a board of officers convened by the Secretary concerned. (b) This section does not apply to adjutants general and assistant adjutants general of the several States and Territories, Puerto Rico^ the Canal Zone, and the District of Columbia. § 595. Officers: appointment upon transfer (a) A person who would otherwise be required to be transferred to a reserve component under section 651 of this title or under sections 451-473 of title 50, appendix, is entitled, if he is qualified and accepted, to be appointed as an officer of any armed force that he chooses and to participate in the programs authorized for that armed force. However, unless the two Secretaries concerned consent, he may not be appointed as a Reserve of an armed force other than that from which he is transferred. All'periods of his participation shall be credited against the total period of service required of him under section 651 of this title or under sections 451-473 of title 50, appendix. However, no period may be credited more than once. (b) A person covered by subsection (a) shall perform the rest of his required term of service in the armed force in which he is so appointed or in any other armed force in which he is later appointed or enlisted. (c) This section does not change any term of service under an appointment, enlistment, or agreement, including an agreement made before or at the time when the member entered upon a program authorized by an armed force. § 596. Officers: promotion The Secretary concerned shall establish an adequate and equitable system for promoting officers of the reserve components under his jurisdiction who are in an active status. So far as practicable, each promotion system shall be similar to that for members of the regular component of the armed force concerned. I t shall be based on the mobilization requirements of that armed force to provide qualified officers in each grade at ages suitable for their assignments and in the numbers needed for mobilization. Each promotion system shall provide for forced attrition to the extent necessary to maintain vigor-