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[74 Stat. 1026]
[74 Stat. 1026]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 86-787-SEPT. 14, 1960



Public Law 86-787 September 14, 1960 [S. 1092]

Wichita Federal reclamation p r o j ect, Kans.

43 USC 371 note.

53 Stat. 1194. 43 USC 48Sh.

AN ACT To provide for the construction of the Cheney division, Wichita Federal reclamation project, Kansas, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assemhUd, That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to construct, operate, and maintain the Cheney division, Wichita Federal reclamation project, consisting of a dam, reservoir, and related facilities near Cheney, Kansas, on the North Fork of the Ninnescah River, Kansas, for the purposes of furnishing water for municipal uses, controlling floods, facilitating irrigation, enhancing recreational opportunities, preserving and propagating fish and wildlife, and for related purposes. SEC. 2. In constructing, operating, and maintaining the works authorized by this Act, the Secretary shall be governed by the Federal reclamation laws (Act of June 17, 1902, 32 Stat. 388, and Acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto), except as is otherwise provided in this Act. SEC. 3. Construction of the project shall not be commenced, and no construction contracts therefor shall be awarded, until a contract or contracts complying with the provisions of this Act have been entered into with the city of Wichita under which it shall have obligated itself to repay to the United States, within a period of not more than forty years from the time water is first made available from said works, those portions of the Federal costs of constructing, operating, and maintaining the works herein authorized which are allocated to municipal water supply, and interest on the unamortized balance of the amount of construction costs so allocated including interest during construction. If any net revenues are derived from temporary water supply contracts, prior to the end of the repayment period for water furnished from, i3y, or through the works authorized herein, the construction cost obligation of the city may be decreased by that portion of the amount of any such net revenues which bsars the same proportion to the total amount of such net revenues as the amount of the project costs allocated to municipal water supply bears to the total Federal costs of constructing the project. Interest shall be at the average rate, which rate shall be certified by the Secretary of the Treasury, paid by the United States on its marketable long-term securities outstanding on the date of this Act and adjusted to the nearest one-eighth of 1 per centum. Upon the completion of the payment of the city's construction cost obligation, together with the interest thereon, the city shall have a permanent right to the use of that portion of the storage space in the project allocable to municipal water supply purposes. SEC. 4. Contracts may be entered into with the city of Wichita pursuant to the provisions of this Act without regard to the last sentence of subsection (c) of section 9 of the Reclamation Project Act of 1939. SEC. 5. The Secretary is authorized to transfer to the city of Wichita the care, operation, and maintenance of the works herein authorized and, if such transfer is made, to deduct from the obligation of the city the reasonable capitalized equivalent of that portion of the estimated operation and maintenance costs of the undertaking which, if the United States continued to operate the works, would be allocated to flood control and fish and wildlife purposes. Prior to taking over the care, operation, and maintenance of said works, the city shall obligate itself to operate them in accordance with criteria specified by the Secretary of the Army with respect to flood control and by the Secretary of the Interior with respect to fish and wildlife.