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[74 Stat. 1037]
[74 Stat. 1037]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



PUBLIC LAW 86-794-SEPT. 15, 1960

adequate service, equipment, and facilities in connection with such transportation; to establish, observe, and enforce just and reasonable individual and joint fares, and just and reasonable regulations and practices relating thereto; and, in case of joint fares, to establish just reasonable, and equitable devisions thereof as between the carriers participating therein which shall not unduly prefer or prejudice any of such carriers. "Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity; Routes and Services "4. (a) No person shall engage in transportation subject to this Act unless there is in force a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the Commission authorizing such person to engage in such transportation; provided, however, that if any person was bona fide engaged in transportation subject to this Act on the effective date of this Act, the Commission shall issue such certificate without requiring further proof that public convenience and necessity will be served by such operation, and without further proceedings, if application for such certificate is made to the Commission within 90 days after the effective date of this Act. Pending the determination of any such application, the continuance of such operation shall be lawful. " (b) \^nien an application is made under this section for a certificate except with respect to a service being rendered upon the effective date of this Act, the Commission shall issue a certificate to any qualified applicant therefor, authorizing the whole or any part of the transportation covered by the application, if it finds, after hearing held upon reasonable notice, that the applicant is fit, willing and able to perform such transportation properly and to conform to the provisions of this Act and the rules, regulations, and requirements of the Commission thereunder, and that such transportation is or will be required by the public convenience and necessity; otherwise such application shall be denied. The Commission shall act upon applications under this subsection as speedily as possible. The Commission shall have the power to attach to the issuance of a certificate and to the exercise of the rights granted thereunder such reasonable terms and conditions as the public convenience and necessity may require; provided, however. That no terms, conditions, or limitations shall restrict the right of the carrier to add to his or its equipment and facilities over the routes, between the termini, or within the territory specified in the certificate, as the development of the business and the demands of the public shall require. "(c) Application for a certificate under this section shall be made in writing to the Commission and shall be so verified, shall be in such form, and shall contatn such information, as the Commission by regulations shall require. The Commission shall prescribe such reasonaole requirements as to notices, publication, proof of service, and information as in its judgment may be necessary. " (d)(1) Any certificate issued by the Commission shall specify the service to be rendered and the routes over which, the fixed termini, if any, between which, and the intermediate and off-route points, if any, at which, and in case of operations not over specified routes or between fixed termini, the territory within which, the carrier is authorized to operate. "(2) A certificate for the transportation of passengers may include authority to transport in the same vehicle with the passengers, newspapers, baggage of passengers, express, or mail, or to transport baggage of passengers in a separate vehicle.