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[74 Stat. 86]
[74 Stat. 86]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Communism—Continued Page " F a c t s on Communism—Volume 1, The Communist Ideology", printing of additional copies as House document B4 Western hemisphere, restriction on use of funds in order to prevent communist infiltration 776 Comptroller General. See under General Accounting Office. Concurrent Resolutions: Congress— Adjournment B9 Adjournment sine die B12 Enrolled bills, signing after adjournment BIO, B 1 2 President, joint meeting to receive communications from B3 Congressional publications, disposal of certain B7 Enrolled bills, correction— Hawaii Omnibus Act (H.R. 11602)__ B8 N o r m a n construction project, Okla., (S. 1892) B7 Fifth International Congress on HighSpeed Photography, 1960, Washington, D.C., participation by interested Federal agencies B6 Inauguration of President-elect and Vice President-elect, appointment of joint committee for a r r a n g e m e n t s. _ B5 Italian centennial celebration. United States participation B9 National Junior Achievement Week, 1960, proclamation authorized B3 P e r m a n e n t residence status, granting to certain aliens B9 Publications, printing of additional copies— Civil rights hearings B5 Employment, growth, and price levels, report and hearings _. B7, B I O Energy resources and technology, hearings BIO Exchange of military information and material with allies, hearings with respect to BlO " F a c t s on Communism—Volume 1, The Communist Ideology" B4 "Income Tax Revision" B5 Internal Security M a n u a l B11 Internal Security Subcommittee p u b lications B11, B12 " N o m i n a t i o n and Election of the President and Vice President of the United States, Including the Manner of Selecting Delegates to Political National Conventions" _ B4 " O u r American Government. What Is I t? How Does I t F u n c t i o n? ". B6

Concurrent Resolutions—Continued Page Publications, printing of additional copies—Continued Satellite and missile programs, hearings— B4 Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or M a n a g e m e n t Field, reports of BIQ "Summary-Analysis of Hearings, June 22-26, 1959, on Biological and Environmental Effects of N u clear W a r " Bll United States and Soviet economies, studies of comparisons B7 United States-Latin American relations, compilation of studies_._ Bll Veterans' Benefits Calculator B5 Rubber, disposal under Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act, congressional approval B5 Washington Metropolitan Problems, Joint Committee on, continuation; transportation system, hearings B4 Conejos Water Conservancy District, Colo., approval of contract 14 Conflict-of-interest Statutes, applicability, etc 231, 427, 732, 873 Congress. See also House of Representatives; Legislative Branch of the Government; Senate. Adjournment B9 Adjournment sine die B12 Buildings. See Capitol Buildings and Grounds. Capitol Police. See separate title. Committee witnesses, restriction on advance payments to 449 Communist Chinese Government, congressional statement opposing United Nations membership 561, 779 Congressional publications, disposal of certain B7 Enrolled bills, signing after adjournment- BIO, B 1 2 I n t e r s t a t e compacts, consent granted to. See separate title. Joint committees, congressional. See separate title. Joint meeting of two Houses B3 Library of Congress. See separate title. Mexico-United States Interparliament a r y Group, participation 40 Pages, congressional and Supreme Court, funds for education 454 President, joint meeting to receive communications from B3 Reports to — Agricultural Hall of F a m e 576 Agriculture, Department of— Agricultural experiment stations, reporting requirements discontinued 249