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[74 Stat. 92]
[74 Stat. 92]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Defense, Department of—Continued Page Flight pay, restriction 355 Foreign countries, acceptance of use of property and services from 353 Foreign products, restriction on procurement 363 Foreign quarters for personnel, funds available for 354 General provisions. Appropriation Acts 349, 465 Helium, purchase from Interior Department; designation of representatives for cooperation 921 Household goods, transportation, packing, etc., restriction 352 Housing. See separate title. J o h n J. Pershing, General of the Armies, centennial ceremonies, coordination between organizations and agencies, etc 153 L and acquisition, funds available for.. 350 L and conveyances, Norfolk, Va., Fleet Landing Site 94 L a u n d r y and dry-cleaning facilities, restriction on use of funds for 354 Legal training, restriction on use of funds for 352 Legislative liaison activities, limitation on funds provided for 354 L u m b e r or timber products, expenses of production 351 Mess operations, rates and restrictions. 351 Metal scrap, baling, shearing, etc., restriction on use of funds for 351 Military Air T r a n s p o r t Service, commercial air transportation service and civil air carriers, funds available 354 Military Construction Act of 1960 166 Military Construction Appropriation Act, 1961 463 Military functions, appropriation for 43 Missile or satellite programs, transfer of funds for acceleration, authority.... 355 Motor vehicles, funds available; limitation on funds for 355, 465 M u t u a l security funds available for defense s u p p o r t. 821 National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, transfer of ammunition to 354 Obligation of funds, restriction 352 P o s t OfRce Department, reimbursement for commercial air transportation of military mail 354 Proficiency flying, restriction on availability of funds; standard s and hours; flight p a y 352 Rentals, funds for advance payments.. 350

Defense, Department of—Continued Report to Budget Bureau on properties, supplies, etc., received from foreign countries Reports to Congress. See under Congress. Research and development, funds available Reserve components— Facilities program— Appropriation for Authorization Reserve Forces Facilities Act of 1960_ Reserve Officers' Training Corps, loyalty oath requirement Reserve Forces Facilities Act of 1960. _ Retired pay, appropriation for Rifle practice, appropriation for promotion of . Rotation in overseas assignments of certain civilian employees, r e t u r n rights Schooling for minor dependents of personnel, funds available; limitations_ Secretary, Office of, appropriation for__ Security guard services, reimbursement of General Services Administration Small business, assistance to Supplies, materiel, etc., receipts and disbursements on disposal of Travel expenses, military and civilian personnel, funds available Tuition and off-duty training ejxpenses, limitation Uniforms for civilian employees, funds available for . Vessels— Construction, submission of plans of fishing vessels Transfer authorized War-built, approval of exchange of certain Defense Production Act of 1950: Amendments— Borrowing authority of President, reporting requirements changed Extension , Funds for effecting provisions Delaware, Federal-aid funds for highways, repayment Dental Health Activities, appropriation for D e p e n d e n t s ' Medical Care Act, funds for effecting provisions D e s Plaines Public H u n t i n g and Refuge Area, 111., land conveyance to State. _ D e s c h u t e s National Forest, Greg., boundary adjustments, functions transferred to Agriculture Department




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