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[74 Stat. 101]
[74 Stat. 101]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

SUBJECT INDEX Fifth International Congress on High- Page Speed Photography, 1960, Washington, D.C., participation by interested Federal agencies B6 Fine Arts, Commission of: Appropriation for 114, 512 Expenditures, authorization 128 Memorials and s t a t u e s, approval, e t c — J a m e s Madison Memorial 37 M a r y McLeod B e t h u n e Memorial 154 T a r a s Shevchenko s t a t u e 884 Theodore Roosevelt Memorial 904 National Capital t r a n s i t development program, review and coinment 540 Fire and Casualty Act, D.C., Amendments: Inclusion of additional companies under. 222 Process, use of certified mail 203 Fire Control: Agriculture, Department of, appropriation for 115 Interior, Department of the, appropriation for 109, 114, 750 Fire Department, D.C. See under District of Columbia. Fire Prevention Week, 1960, proclamation c81 Firearms, excise taxes, occupational and transfer 149 Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1958, funds for effecting provisions 744 Fish and Wildlife Service: Appropriation for 48, 110, 744, 746, 829 Commercial Fisheries, Bureau of, appropriation for 48, 111, 829 Commissioner, Office of, appropriation for 110 Conservation, funds for, transfer by Department of Army 744 Fish hatchery, Orangeburg County, S.C., conveyance of title to United States 311 Hawaii Omnibus Act 412, 413 Importation or transportation of injurious m a m m a l s, birds, etc., regulations 753 Migratory Bird T r e a t y Act, amendment, increased penalties for violations 866 Military reservations, cooperative programs for protection, conservation and m a n a g e m e n t of fish and wildlife on 1052 Research and training programs, continuation of the development of cooperative units by the Federal Government, States, and educational institutions for 733 Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Bureau of, appropriation for 110, 829 Transfer of funds to 746


Fisheries Commission, International, a p - Page propriation for 559 Fishing Vessels: Construction subsidies authorized 212 Federal ship mortgage insurance, functions transferred to Department of the Interior 314 Flag Day, 1960, proclamation c66 Flood Control. See also Rivers and Harbors. Agriculture Department, appropriation for 235, 509 Appropriation for 43, 235, 509, 743 Construction, general, appropriation for; restriction 744 Flood Control Act, funds for effecting provisions 235 General investigations, appropriation for 743 Land Acquisition Policy Act of 1960__ 502 Mississippi River and tributaries, appropriation for 745 Operation and maintenance, general, appropriation for 744 Overpayments to States, validation of, relief of disbursing oflEicers 742 Projects authorized; surveys 488-502 River and Harbor Act of 1960 480 Watershed projects, expedition of work where lands are acquired by condemnation 25 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, amendment, loan provisions to States for improvement programs 131 Flood Control Act of 1960 488 Florida: Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, land additions 317 DeSoto National Memorial, additional lands 856 Everglades National Park, additional lands 577 Florida K e y deer, appropriation for leasing and management of lands for protection of 110 Herbert Hoover Dike, designation 490 Indian River, filing of applications for p a t e n t s for certain lands bordering on 311 Key Largo Coral Reef Preserve, proclamation establishment c48 Orlando, Entomology Research L a b oratory, sale by Agriculture Department 232 Saint Augustine, amendment of restriction on land use 514 Sumter County, land conveyance to State by Department of Agriculture 150