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[74 Stat. 103]
[74 Stat. 103]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Foreign Service Buildings Act of 1926, Page Amendment, additional appropriation authorized 847 Forest Service: Appropriation for 42, 115, 821 Forest lands, restriction on use of funds for acquisition of 115, 116 Functions relating to exchange of private or State-owned lands for national forest lands transferred from Interior Department to Department of Agriculture 205 General provisions, Appropriation Act.. 116 National Forests. See separate title. Publicity or propaganda, restriction on use of funds for 116 Range improvements, appropriation for. 116 Reservoir areas, protection of forest cover in, coordination of program with Corps of Engineers 817 Resources of national forests, administration for multiple use and sustained yield 215 Roads and trails, appropriation for 115 Twine, purchase restriction 116 Forests, National. See National Forests. Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Ariz., certain lands held in t r u s t for White M o u n t a i n Apache Tribe 8 Fort Donelson National Battlefield, Tenn., redesignation; additional lands 875 Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Wyo., redesignation; boundary revision 83 Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone Tribe of Indians, Nev., lands held in t r u s t for 12 France, Government of, settlement of claims against United States 262 Freedmen's Hospital, D.C.: Appropriation for 760 Services to District of Columbia, reimbursement of United States; r a t e. 21

Foreign Service Act Amendments of 1960. 831 Foreign Service Act of 1946, Amendments: Alien employees— Compensation 832 Foreign language instructors 837 Assignment of personnel to government agencies or international organizations 833 Career ambassadors or career ministers appointed by President; extension of services 835 Chiefs of mission— Language training and orientation qualifications 832 Termination of appointment 831 Classification of positions in the Foreign Service and in the Department 831 Foreign language pre-requisite to assignm e n t; training for spouses; employment of alien instructors 834, 837, 838 Gifts, acceptance on behalf of United States 847 Household furnishings— Loan of 846 Payment of storage and packing costs. _ 795 Motor vehicles, transportation of 798, 847 Oflficers— Admission and appointment to classes 1-7; termination of services 832, 836 Classification of certain positions in the Department filled by 831 IXinctional and geographic area specialization, promotions 834 Language training and orientation qualifications 832 Reappointment, recall or reemployment 832 Separation for cause provisions 836 Within-class salary increases 834 Representation allowances 801 Reserve officers— Separation for cause provisions 836 Termination of limited appointments 837 G Within-class salary increases 834 Retirement and disability system, coverGallaudet College, D.C.: age, contributions, benefits, e t c.. 835-848 Appropriation for 771, Salary increases for officers and emClearance of title to property ployees 299 General Accounting Office: Selection-out benefits 835 Appropriation for Staff officers and employees— B a n k r u p t c y proceedings, businesses engaged in transporting persons or Appointment salaries; adjustment property, notice of creditors' meetauthority 831 ing to Comptroller General Assignments and transfers 833 Coast Guard, relief of certifying officers Class promotions 837 from accountability of certain p a y Limited and probationary appointments m e n t s; termination provisions. 833, 837 Comptroller General— Separation for cause provisions 836 Auditing records of contracts, agreeWithin-class and longevity salary inm e n t of alternate methods creases 837

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