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[74 Stat. 107]
[74 Stat. 107]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


Page Health, Education, and Welfare, Depart-

Haleakala National Park, Hawaii, designation and establishment 881 Harpers Ferry National Monument, W. Va., land additions 520 Hatch Act (Experiment Stations), funds for effecting provisions 233 Hatch Act (Political Activities). See Political Activities, Pernicious. Hawaii: Antiaircraft defense, appropriation to National Guard for 340 Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange Between East and West Act of 1960 141 Appropriation for activities under 560 Flag, fifty stars, presentation 154 General Services Administration, use of services or facilities 422 Grandfather rights granted to certain freight forwarders engaged in interstate commerce 385 Haleakala National Park, designation and establishment 881 Land-grant college aid, appropriation for grants 824 Leprosy, funds available for care and treatment of patients 766 Library Services Act, amendment, extension 571 Omnibus Act 411 Public property, rental considerations to State treasury 422 School construction and operation assistance in federally affected areas414 Statehood Act, amendment, land grants. 422 Sugar Act of 1948, technical amendments 331 Transfer of records by United States 422 Typewriters, restriction on purchase applicable to 423 Hawaii Omnibus Act 411 Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of: Administrative Assistant Secretary, appointment; compensation 305 American Printing House for the Blind, appropriation for 771 Appropriation Act 760 Appropriation for 45, 306, 511, 760, 824 Children's Bureau— Appropriation for 770 International Health Research Act of 1960, research and training activities under 365 Color Additive Amendments of 1960_-397 Education, Office of— Appropriation for 45, 761, 824 48232 0-61—87

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ment of—Continued Education, Office of—Continued Blind, appropriation for education of771 Defense educational activities, appropriation for 45, 824 Foreign currencies, purchase 762 Land-grant college aid to Hawaii 824 Library Services Act— Amendment, extension 571 Appropriation for grants 45, 761 National Defense Education Act of 1958— Amendment, Hawaii Omnibus Act. 413,423 Appropriation for effecting provisions 19, 762, 824 School construction and operation assistance in federally affected areas— Appropriation for 761 Hawaii Omnibus Act 414 School districts, appropriation for-. 45, 761 Smith-Hughes Vocational Education Act, amendments, Hawaii Omnibus Act 413, 414 Vocational Education Act of 1946— Amendment, Hawaii Omnibus Act. 414 Appropriation for effecting provisions 761, 729 Federal Caustic Poison Act, repeal 381 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. See separate title. Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act 372 Federal Security Agency Appropriation Act, 1953, amendment of provisions respecting working capital fund 773 Field Administration, Office of, appropriation for 772 Food and Drug Administration. See separate title. Freedmen's Hospital, appropriation for. 760 Gallaudet College, appropriation for. 771, 825 General Counsel, Office of, appropriation for 772 General provisions, Appropriation Act- _ 773, 775 Howard University, appropriation for..- 772, 825 Public Health Service. See separate title. Publicity or propaganda, restriction on use of funds for 775 Saint Elizabeths Hospital— Appropriation for 45 United States nationals adjudged mentally ill abroad, authorization for care 308 Secretary, Office of the, appropriation for 772