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[74 Stat. 108]
[74 Stat. 108]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Health, Education, and Welfare, Depart- Page ment of—Continued Social Security Administration. See separate title. Surplus property utilization, appropriation for 772 Vocational Rehabilitation, Office of— Appropriation for 763 Foreign currencies, purchase 763 Research and training activities for the handicapped 365 Vocational Rehabilitation Act, amendments, Hawaii Omnibus Act 416, 417, 423, 424 White House Conference on Aging Act, funds for effecting provisions 772 Working capital fund, amendment of certain provisions respecting 773 Heart Institute, National, appropriation for 767 Helium, transfer of funds for acquisition from Department s of the Army, Navy, and Air Force to Bureau of Mines 109 Helium Act Amendments of 1960 918 Hemispheric Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange, establishment of Center in Puerto Rico 142 Hemlock, temporary free importation of extracts 54 Heptanoic Acid, temporary suspension of import d u t y 1051 Herbert Hoover Dike, Fla., designation __ 490 Highway Revenue Act of 1956, Amendment, Highway T r u s t F u n d, transfer of a m o u n t s to 81 Highways. See also Public Roads, Bureau of. Agriculture, Department of, appropriation for roads and trails 115 Alaska, restoration of land strips along highways 207 Defense access roads, advance of funds - . 524 Federal-aid highways, appropriation for 27, 98 Federal Highway Act of 1960 522 Federal property, land conveyance for construction purposes 363 Ferries, approach roads to 523 Forest highways— Liquidation of contract authorization, appropriation for 307, 823 Roads and trails 522 Hawaii Omnibus Act 415 Highway Revenue Act of 1956— Amendment, transfer of a m o u n t s to the Highway T r u s t F u n d 81 Appropriation for repayable advances under 98

Highways—Continued Page Indian roads— Appropriation authorization 522 Appropriation for 107 I n t e r s t a t e System, Hawaii and Alaska, extension to 415 National p a r k s — Appropriation authorization 522 Appropriation for 110 P a n American Highway, Convention on the, appropriation for fulfilling United States obligations 98 Payments on Federal-aid projects undert a k e n by a Federal agency 523 P r i m a r y system. Federal-aid 522 Public lands highways— Appropriation authorization __ 522 Appropriation for 823 R a m a Road, Nicaragua, appropriation for construction 560 R e payment of Federal-aid funds by the States of Delaware and M a r y l and. 523 Secondary system. Federal-aid 522 Signs identifying project, erection of 525 Urban areas, Federal-aid 522 Historical and Archeological Data, preservation; surveys 220 Historical and Memorial Commissions, appropriation for 826 Home Improvement Business, D.C., bonding of persons engaged in 815 Home Loan Bank Board, Federal, funds available for expenses 441 Home Owners' Loan Act of 1933, Amendments: Federal savings and loan associations, enforcement of regulations, use of certified mail 200 Hawaii Omnibus Act 411 Hopi Tribe of Indians, rehabilitation 199 Hospitals: Construction, grants 765 District of Columbia— Freedmen's Hospital— Appropriation for 760 Services to District of Columbia, reimbursement of United States; r a t e 21 General Hospital, construction projects, funds available 26 Glenn Dale Hospital, financial assistance to needy patients; fire prevention and protective services, appropriation for 21 Saint Elizabeths Hospital— Appropriation for 45, 769 United States nationals adjudged mentally ill abroad, authorization for care 308