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[74 Stat. 111]
[74 Stat. 111]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

SUBJEiCT INDEX Housing—Continued Page National Capital Housing Authority— Continued Operation and maintenance of property, appropriation for 436 National Housing Act, amendments 185, 200, 314, 411, 883, 915, 1028 Property improvement loans by financial institutions, extension of insurance guarantee 1028 Public facility loans, administrative expenses, limitation 443 Public Housing Administration, appropriation for 435, 444, 512 Public works revolving fund— Appropriation for 435, 443 Increase 1028 Savings and loan holding companies, continuation of certain regulations concerning 883 Slum clearance and urban renewal, appropriation for 46, 435 United States Housing Act of 1937, appropriation for effecting provisions 436 Urban planning grants, appropriation for 435 Housing Acts. See under Housing. Howard University, D.C., appropriation for 772,825 Human Rights Week, 1959, proclamation. c30 Humane Slaughter of Livestock, applicability of certain provisions, deferment 255 I Idaho: Nez Perce Tribe of Indians, lands held in trust for 4, 737 Pocatello First Corp., of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, land conveyance 1022 Idaho Territorial Centennial, medals struck for c ommemoration 741 Illinois: Des Plaines Public Hunting and Refuge Area, land conveyance to State 369 Joliet Arsenal Military Reservation, land conveyance to State 370 Marion, appropriation for construction of Federal penal institution 564 Waukegan Port District, land conveyance for a public wharf 251 Immigration and Customs Laws, facilities for enforcement of, increased funds authorized 130 Immigration and Nationality Act: Amendments— Narcotic drugs or marihuana, exclusion and deportation of aliens convicted of illegal possession 505


Immigration and Nationality Act—Con. Page Amendments—Continued Status of nonimmigrant aliens, adjustment 505 Netherlands, nationals, special nonquota immigrant visas, extension.. 505 Orphans, nonquota immigrant visas, extension 505 Portuguese nationals, special nonquota immigrant visas, extension 505 Refugee-escapees, resettlement in United States 504 Immigration and Naturalization Service: Aliens, payment for work performed— 563 Appropriation for 49, 563 Facilities for enforcement of customs and immigration laws, increased funds authorized 130 Rewards, appropriation for 563 Security guard services, appropriation for reimbursement of General Services Administration 563 Imports: Cheese, import quotas, increase, proclamation c60 Duty-free entries— Alumina 81 Bamboo pipe stems 1054 Barrelheads of softwood 361 Bauxite 81 Casein 14, 289 Chicory 81, 150 Electron microscopes 914 Grain milling equipment 914 Graphite, amorphous _ 103 Heptanoic acid 1051 Metal scrap 361 Papermakers' felts 263 Personal and household effec1;s brought in under Government orders 289 Seaweeds, ground, powdered, or granulated 13 Shoe lathes 289 Supplies for certain vessels or aircraft operating between Hawaii or Alaska and the mainland 361 Tampico fiber 119 Tanning extracts 64 Wool, coarse 263 Hazardous substances, compliance with labeling regulations 379 Milk and cream, Hawaii Omnibus Act.. 415 Inaugural Ceremonies of 1961, Joint Committee on: Appointment B5 Appropriation for 513 "Income Tax Revision", printing of additional copies of panel discussions B5