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[74 Stat. 112]
[74 Stat. 112]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Independent OflSces. See also Govern- Page Indians—Continued Page ment Departments and Agencies Kickapoo Tribal Council of Oklahoma, and individual titles. transfer of certain funds to 256 Appropriation Act 426 Klamath Agency, liquidation expenses. 107 Appropriation for 46, Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, Lac du Flambeau Band, Wis., sale of 53, 101, 306, 425, 512, 751, 825 Fallout shelters, restriction on use of lands 13 funds for construction 445 Land reservations, social welfare, and General provisions. Appropriation Acts. 440, economic development, reporting requirements to Congress discon444, 752 tinued 248 Personnel work, restriction on number of positions 445 Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, S. Dak., payment of debts out of compensation Publicity or propaganda, restriction on use of funds for 444 for trust lands 252 Independent Offices Appropriation Act, Menominee Tribe, Wis.— 1960, Amendment, restriction on purRecreational director, appropriation chase of typewriters, applicability to for 108 Alaska and Hawaii 423 Termination of Federal supervision— Indian Claims Commission: Extension 867 Appropriation for 117 Liquidation of Menominee Indian Agency, appropriation for exCheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, Okla., penses 107 examination of claims 1029 Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone Transfer of property, tax exemptions. 867 Tribe, Nev., withdrawal of claim Vocational training or undergraduate regarding compensation for lands.. 12 college program, continuation 868 Nez Perce Indians, Idaho, examination Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Wash., reconveyance of lands 86 of claims 738 Potawatomi Indian Tribe, Okla., exNavajo Tribe— amination of claims 903 Irrigation project works on reservaIndian War Veterans, election of pension. 545 tion, transfer to 470 Indians: Land conveyance 40 Arapaho Indian Tribe, Okla., land Rehabilitation 199 conveyance 1029 Nez Perce Tribe, Idaho, lands held in Arapahoe Indian Tribe, Wyo., certain trust for 4, 737 lands held in trust for 92 Osage Museum, appropriation for curator 108 Boundary markers and warning signs on reservations. Federal misdemeanor Otoe and Missouria Tribe, per capita for destruction of 469 payments to minors 262 Bureau of Indian AjBfairs, appropriation Potawatomi Indians, Okla., land confor 47, 106, 512, 828 veyance 903 Cheyenne Indian Tribe, Okla., land Roads and bridges on reservations 622 Appropriation for 107 conveyance 1029 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, lands held Shoshone Indian Tribe, Wyo., certain in trust for 319 lands held in trust for 92 Colorado River Indian Reservation, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, N. Dak.Ariz.-Calif.— S. Dak., payment of debts out of Funds available for members 106 compensation for trust lands 254 Leasing of lands 199 Tribal funds, appropriation for 512 Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, S. Dak., payWhite Mountain Apache Tribe, lands ment of debts out of compensation held in trust for 8 for trust lands 254 Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyo., Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone certain lands held in trust for ShoTribe, Nev., lands held in trust for. 12 shone and Arapahoe Tribes 92 Health activities and facilities, appropriIndus Basin Development, mutual security ation for 45, 766 program 136 Hopi Tribe, rehabilitation 199 Industrial Property, International Bureau Hunting, trapping, or fishing on reservafor the Protection of, appropriation tions, penalty for violations 469 authorized for United States parKeweenaw Bay Indian Tribe, L'Anse ticipation 381 Reservation, land conveyance 84