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[74 Stat. 115]
[74 Stat. 115]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

SUBJECT INDEX Interior, Department of the—Continued Page Southwestern Power Administration, appropriation for; restriction 750 Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Bureau of, appropriation for 110, 829 State-owned or private lands exchanged for national forest lands, functions transferred to Department of Agriculture 205 Sustained-yield forest management, notices, use of certified mail 201 Taras Shevchenko statue, selection of site in District of Columbia 884 Territories, Office of, appropriation for. 112, 512 Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, D.C., authorization for erection 904 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, appropriation for 112, 512 Warehouses, garages, etc., appropriation for operation 114 Water resources, underground, purchase of lands for observation wells 14 Wildlife Service, See Fish and Wildlife Service, Internal Revenue Codes. For sections affected see Tables 3 and 4 of amendments and repeals in "Laws Affected in Volume 74," preceding this Index. Internal Revenue Service: Appropriation for 284 Bankruptcy proceedings, notice of creditors meeting to District Director.466 Investigation on enforcement program of business expenses deductions, report and recommendations to Congress 291 Witnesses, expert, funds available for services 284 Internal Revenue Taxation, Joint Committee on, appropriation for 452 Internal Security Manual, printing of additional copies B11 Internal Security Subcommittee, Senate, printing of additional copies of publications of Bll, B 1 2 International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico: Agreement for joint construction of a storage dam on Rio Grande River, authorization 360 Appropriation for 514, 558 International Boundary Commission, United States and Canada, appropriation for 559 International Bureau for the Protection of Industrial Property, appropriation authorized for United States participation 381


International Claims Settlement Act, apt- Page propriation for effecting provisions _._ 564 International Cultural Exchange and Trade Fair Participation Act of 1956, funds for effecting provisions 570 International Development Advisory Board, repeal of provisions respecting 136 International Development Association Act 293 International Educational Exchange Activities, appropriation for 559, 560 International Fisheries Commission, appropriation for 559 International Health Research Act of 1960 364 International Joint Commission, United States and Canada, appropriation for -559 International Materials Conference, restriction on use of funds for 103 International Organizations: American citizen employees of, extension of coverage of Federal old-age, survivors, and disability benefits to.. 945 Compensation paid to aliens, exemption from certain District of Columbia taxes 219 Contributions, quotas, etc,— Appropriation for 51, 557, 558, 776, 777 International Bureau for the Protection of Industrial Property, appropriation authorized for United States participation 381 Organization of American States 136 Employees Lo3'^alty Board— Conflict-of-interest statutes, exception 427 Funds available for 427 Foreign service personnel, assignments, etc _ 833 Inter-American Children's Institute, appropriation authorized for United States participation 3 International Development Association, membership of United States 293 International Tariff Negotiations, appropriation for expenses 557 Investigation of United States citizens for employment, funds available 427 Missions to, appropriation for 557 Pan American Health Organization, headquarters site in District of Columbia 9 Funds available for 561 South Pacific Commission, membership of United States, annual appropriation increased 141