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[74 Stat. 121]
[74 Stat. 121]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

SUBJECT INDEX Merchant Marine Act, 1936—Continued Page Amendments—Continued Vessels—Continued Life expectancy, extension 216 War-built, authorization for exchange 312 Appropriation for effecting provisions- _ 95, 96 Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946, Amendment, surplus war-built vessels, annual installment payments, extension. 216 Meredith Victory, SS., citation for gallant action 11 Metabolic Disease Activities, appropriation for 767 Metal Scrap, suspension of duties 361 Meteorological Investigations in the Arctic Region, flexibility of functions regarding; extra compensation 11 Metropolitan Area Sanitary Sewage Works Fund of the District of Columbia: Appropriation for 510 Establishment 211 Metropolitan Police. See under District of Columbia. Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake City, Utah, land conveyance by Department of Interior 15 Mexican Farm Labor Program: Appropriation for 758 Extension 1021 Mexico: Customs and immigration laws, facilities for enforcement of, increased funds authorized 130 International B o u n d a r y and Water Commission, United States and Mexico— Appropriation for 514, 558 Storage d a m on Rio Grande, agreem e n t for joint construction of, authorization 360 T r e a t y obligations, appropriation for... 558 Mexico-United States Interparliamentary Group, participation authorized; reports 40 Michigan: Keweenaw Bay Indian Tribe, L'Anse Reservation, land conveyance 84 W y and o t t e, annexation of certain Federal property, authorization 904 Midway Island, civil administration of; persons to be designated by President 424 Migrants, Refugees, and Escapees, Assistance to: Appropriation authorized 137 Appropriation for 776, 777 Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Amendment, increased penalties for violations 866

Military Air Transport Service, funds available Military Appeals, Court of, appropriation for Military Construction Act of 1960 Military Construction Appropriation Act,, 1961 Temporary appropriations, 1961 Milk: Importation, Hawaii Omnibus Act Price support for milk and butterfat__ School milk program—• District of Columbia, funds for Extension, increased funds authorized Mineral Leasing Act, Amendments: Acreage limitations, minimum rentalSj lease terms, oil sands leases, etc Phosphate, prospecting p T-mits Withdrawal notice, use of certified mail. Mineral Leasing Act Revision of 1960 Minerals: Alaska, Kenai Peninsula, granting of mineral rights in certain homestead lands Calcium carbonates and other minerals used in making cement, percentage depletion rate Census of mineral industries, appropriation for Exploration expenditures, removal of four year limitation on income tax deductions Functions relating to mineral deposits in certain lands transferred to Department of Agriculture Land acreage limitations, minimum rentals, lease terms, oil sands leases, etc Oil and gas deposits owned by United States in Texas, leasing authority. _ Phosphate, permits for prospecting on public lands Selection by States of public lands covered by mineral leases or permits Minerals Exploration, Office of, appropriation for Mines, Bureau of. See under Interior, Department of the. Mines and Mining: Definition of " m i n i n g " in computation of percentage depletion rates for income tax deductions Federal Coal Mine Safety Act, amendment, reviews, use of certified m a i l. Mining claims, filing of notice, use of certified mail

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