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[74 Stat. 122]
[74 Stat. 122]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Mines and Mining—Continued Page Mining Claims Rights Restoration Act of 1955, amendment, filing of notice, use of certified mail 202 Placer claims, inclusion of millsite in patents 7 Mining Claims Rights Restoration Act of 1955, Amendment, filing of notice, use of certified mail 202 Ministers, extension of time to elect coverage under Federal old-age, survivors, and disability insurance benefits 926 Minnesota: Land exchange for national forest timber or lands 205 Superior National Forest, appropriation for land acquisition 116 Mint, Bureau of the, appropriation for 52, 285, 514 Mississippi: Old-age, survivors, and disability insurance, validation of coverage for certain teachers 934 Tombigbee National Forest, establishment, proclamation c23 Mississippi River and Tributaries, appropriation for flood control 745 Missouri: Fort Crowder, leasing arrangements to Stella Reorganized Schools R-I by Department of the Army 311 Wilson's Creek Battlefield National Park, establishment 76 Missouri River Basin Projects: Investigations, funds for continuation. _ 748 Kansas City to mouth, restriction on use of funds for project 744 Missouria and Otoe Tribe of Indians, per capita payments to minors 252 Montana: Land exchange for national forest timber or lands 205 Sanders County, approval requirement for purchase of lands 116 Morton County, N. Dak., removal of restrictions on land conveyance 739 Mother's Day, 1960, proclamation c57 Motor Vehicles: District of Columbia. See separate title. Excise tax rate, extension 290 Exhausts, study of effects of 162 Military Departments, funds for hire of465 Overseas employees, transportation 797, 798, 847 Revoked drivers' licenses, national register established in Department of Commerce 526 Appropriation for 823

Motorboat Act of 1940, Amendment, ap- Page plicability of safety regulations to Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands 10 Mount Rainier National Park, Wash., headquarters site 219 Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Wash., reconveyance of lands 85 Mutual Security Act of 1954, Amendments 134-140, 460, 870 Mutual Security Act of 1959, Amendment, international cooperation in health, repeal of provisions respecting 141 Mutual Security Act of 1960 134 Mutual Security and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1961 776 Temporary appropriations, 1961 306 Mutual Security Program: Appropriation for 306, 776 Atoms for peace program— Appropriation authorized 138 Appropriation for 777 Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange Between East and West Act of 1960 141 Contingency Fund— Appropriation authorized 138 Appropriation for; restriction 777, 778 Contracts with individuals, uses of funds for 140 Cuba, assistance to, determination by President 140 Economic assistance— Appropriation for; restriction 776-778 Defense support; restriction. _ 134,778,821 Development Loan Fund— Appropriation for; restrictions.-- 777, 778 General powers 135 Indus Basin Development 136 Special assistance and other programs; restriction 136, 778 Technical cooperation 136 Point Four Youth Corps, advisability study by research group, authorized 136 Employment of personnel outside United States 139 Engineering and architectural fees and services, limitation 778 Facilities, construction or acquisition, increase in funds authorized 140 Foreign currencies— Congressional committees, reports on the use of 138 Loans to small farmers 138 Monuments in Upper Nile, use for preservation of 139 Surplus agricultural commodities 136