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[74 Stat. 126]
[74 Stat. 126]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960




National Science Foundation—Continued Page Navy, Department of the—Continued Page Scholarships and fellowships, eligibility. 256 Bureau of Ships, deputy chief, qualificaSecurity guard services, reimbursement tion 103 of General Services Administration. 437 Claims— National Science Foundation Act of 1950: Admiralty, reports to Congress disAmendments— continued 247 Eligibility for scholarships and fellowAppropriation for payment 345 ships under 256 Coast Guard, operating expenses 342 Notice of meeting of National Science Construction— Board, use of certified mail 202 Appropriation for 463 Authorization 170 Funds for effecting provisions 437 National Security Council, appropriation Expedition, restriction on use of funds for 474 for 465 National Selective Service Appeal Board, Contracts— appropriation for 437 Awarded contracts, semiannual reNational Society Daughters of the Ameriports to Congress 184 can Colonists, D.C., use of real p r o p Restriction 465 erty 554 Experts or consultants, employment 349 National Training School for Boys, D.C., Flight pay, restriction 355 care of boys committed by courts, General provisions. Appropriation Acts 349, 465 appropriation for 22 Helium, transfer of funds for acquisition, National Transportation Week, 1960: to Bureau of Mines 109 Authorized 146 Household effects, relief of certain Proclamation c64 members for storage expenses 31 National Trust for Historic Preservation Housing. See separate title. in the United States, reporting reIndebtedness of enlisted men, remission quirements to Congress discontinued248 National Woman's Party, Inc., D.C., tax upon discharge 207 Inter-American cooperation, appropriexemption 791 ation for 341 National Wool Month, 1960: Land acquisitions in connection with Authorized 250 construction of vessels, reports to Proclamation c71 Congress discontinued 247 National Yeomen F, The, annual report Land conveyances— to Congress discontinued 249 Massachusetts Port Authority 355 National Zoological Park, D.C., appropriaPort Hueneme, Calif 208 tion for 25,26 Legislative liaison activities, limitation Natural History Building, Smithsonian on funds for 354 Institution, appropriation for addition Marine Corps. See separate title. to 118 Medal awards to members, authorizaNavajo Tribe of Indians: tion 320 Irrigation project works on reservation, transfer to 470 Medical care, appropriation for 341 Land conveyance 40 Military Construction Act of 1960 166 Rehabilitation 199 Military Construction Appropriation Naval Petroleum Reserves, appropriation Act, 1961 463 for conservation, development, etc-_341 Military personnel, appropriation for - . 338 Navigation Congresses, Permanent InterMotor vehicles, funds available 465 national Association of, meeting, Nuclear-powered submarines, etc., inappropriation for expenses 745 centive pay for d u t y aboard 469 Navy, Department of the. See also Armed Officers— Forces; Defense, Department of. Discharge date, option in certain Aircraft and missiles, appropriation for cases; revocation of election of procurement 345 annuity 390, 396 Appropriation for 338, 463 Line officers, temporary increase in Aviation cadets— authorized strength ceilings 282 Death benefits for certain s t u d e n t s... 162 Total commissioned service, definition. 263 P a y and allowances, appropriation Operation and maintenance, approprifor 338 ation for 341 Bakeries, laundries, etc., restriction on P a y and allowances, appropriation for.. 338 use of funds for 465