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[74 Stat. 132]
[74 Stat. 132]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Prison System, Federal. See Federal Page Prison System. Prisoners, credit for confinement prior to sentence 738 Prisoners of War, funds available for maintenance, p a y and allowances 350 Prisons, Bureau of, appropriation for 563 Proclamations: American Education Week, 1960 c83 Arches National Monument, U t a h, modification c79 Cancer Control Month, 1960 c50 Captive Nations Week, 1960 c75 Cheese, import quotas, increase c60 Child Health Day, 1960 c94 Citizenship D a y and Constitution Week, 1960 c43 Columbus D a y, 1959 clO Copyright, extension of certain provisions to Austria c69 C u b a n sugar quota, determination c72 Drugs, certain, determination as opiates c l 2, c76, c82 Eighteenth Decennial Census c45 Fire Prevention Week, 1960 c81 Flag Day, 1960 c66 General of the Armies J o h n J. Pershing Centennial D a y c67 Authorization 153 General Pulaski's Memorial Day, 1959_ c9 Gunnison National Monument, Colo., exclusion of certain lands from Black Canyon c56 Human Rights Week, 1959 c30 J a n e Addams Centennial, authorization. 742 Key Largo Coral Reef Preserve, Fla., establishment c48 Law Day, 1960 c36 Loyalty Day, 1960 c54 Marshall, General George C, death ofcl3 Mother's Day, 1960 c57 National D a y of Prayer, 1960 c77 National Defense Transportation Day, 1960 c37 National Employ the Physically H and i capped Week, 1960 c84 National F a r m - C i t y Week, 1959 cl9 National F a r m - C i t y Week, 1960 c92 National F a r m Safety Week, 1960 c47 National Forest Products Week, authorization 898 National Junior Achievement Week, 1960 c39 Authorization B3 National Maritime Day, 1960 c53 National Olympic Week, 1959 c4 National Safe Boating Week, 1960 c42 National Transportation Week, 1960--c64 Authorization 146

Proclamations—Continued Page National Wool Month, 1960 c7l Authorization 250 Pacific Festival, 1960 c74 Authorization 503 P a n American D a y and P a n American Week, 1960 c40 Petroleum and petroleum products, adjustment of imports c31 Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 1960c61 Red Cross Month, 1960 c41 Thanksgiving Day, 1959 c21 Trade agreement proclamations Cotton typewriter-ribbon cloth, modification of concessions c85 Iran, termination of agreement c90 Stainless steel table flatware, modification of concessions, adjustment of duties cl5 Woolen textiles, amendment of Proclamation N o. 3160 c5 Tuskegee National Forest, Ala., Oconee National Forest, Ga., and Tombigbee National Forest, Miss., establishment c23 United Nations Day, 1960 c52 United States of America-Japan Centennial Year, 1960 c63 Veterans Day, 1959 ell Veterans Day, 1960 c91 War Between the States, death of last surviving veteran, display of flag- _ c35 World Trade Week, 1960 c59 Wright Brothers Day, 1969 c3 Professional Engineers' Registration Act, Amendment, notice of hearings, use of certified mail 202 Public Assistance, Bureau of, appropriation for 770 Public Buildings Act of 1959, funds for effecting provisions 430 Public Buildings Purchase Contract Act of 1954, funds for obligations pursuant to 432 Public Buildings Service: Appropriation for 46, 430 Construction and alteration projects, funds for 431, 826 Federal Office Building N u m b e r e d 7, Washington, D.C., appropriation for construction 432 Purchase contracts, appropriation for payment 432 Repair and inprovement of buildings--_ 430 Public Debt, Bureau of the, appropriation for 52,283,830 Public Debt and Tax Rate Extension Act of 1960 290