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[74 Stat. 134]
[74 Stat. 134]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Public Lands—Continued Page Hawaii, land-grant college aid 414 Mineral County, Nev., conveyance of certain lands to 880 Oregon and California Railroad grant lands, appropriation for 105 Prospecting permits for phosphate 7 R o a d construction, survey, etc 522 Selection by States of certain lands covered by mineral leases or permits 1024 Service charges, filing fees, authorization 506 State acquisition for recreational use 899 Studies, investigations, cooperative agreements and contributions, authorization 506 Withdrawals, reporting requirements to Congress discontinued 248 W y and o t t e, Mich., annexation of certain property, authorization 904 Public Printer. See Government Printing Office. Public Roads, Bureau of: Appropriation for 98, 105, 465, 823 Defense access roads, advance of funds. 524 District of Columbia, approval of contracts for Federal-aid projects 27, 28 Forest highways, liquidation of contract authorization, appropriation for 823 General provisions. Appropriation Act_ 98 National defense projects, funds available for 465 Public lands highways, appropriation for 823 R o a d construction funds, transfer from Interior Department 105 Public Works: Alaska, appropriation for 113 Construction by Armed Forces, reports to Congress on costs 169, 174, 181 L and Acquisition Policy Act of 1960 502 Public Works Act of 1954, D.C., Amendment, sanitary and combined sewer systems, increase in borrowing authority under 811 Public Works Appropriation Act, 1961 743 Temporary appropriations, 1961 306 Puerto Rico: Agricultural experiment stations, appropriation for 233 Agricultural extepsion work, appropriation for 234 Hemispheric Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange, establishment 142 Hydrofoil foreign-built vessels, permission to register and use in coastwise trade between and among points within P u e r to Rico 533

Puerto Rico—Continued Page Medical services for the aged, increase in limitation on assistance payments 992 Motorboat Act of 1940, amendment, safety regulations applicable to 10 Narcotics Manufacturing Act of 1960, applicability 68 Resident Commissioner, House of Representatives, additional mileage allowance 829 Unemployment compensation, extension of Federal-State program to_. 985 United States employees recruited or transferred from, maximum annual leave provisions, etc 799, 800 Q Quarantine Activities, Foreign, appropriation for


R Railroad Corporations, income taxes, discharge of indebtedness Railroad Retirement Act of 1937, Amendment, technical amendments under Social Security Amendments of 1960-Railroad Retirement Board, appropriation for Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, Amendment, subpenas by Railroad Retirement Board, use of certified mail Railroads, revision of accident reporting requirements to I n t e r s t a t e Commerce Commission Railway Labor Act, funds for effecting provisions Rama Road, Nicaragua, appropriation for construction Reclamation. See Reclamation, Bureau of, and Reclamation projects under Interior, Department of the. Reclamation Projects Act of 1956, Small, applicability to Hawaii Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Liquidation fund, expenses, limitation- _ Property transferred to other Government agencies, payment in lieu of taxes on, extension Recreation Resources Review Commission, Outdoor, appropriation for Red Cross Month, 1960, proclamation Referees: B a n k r u p t c y, filing time for review of orders National Mediation Board, temporary employment, appropriation for expenses


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