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[74 Stat. 139]
[74 Stat. 139]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

SUBJECT INDEX Service Extension Act of 1941, funds for effecting provisions Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, funds for effecting provisions Shenandoah National Park, Va., land exchange Shipping Act, 1916, Amendment, dual rate contract agreements, extension Ships. See Vessels. Shoe Lathes, temporary free importation. Shoshone Indian Tribe, Wyo., certain lands held in t r u s t for Small Business: Defense Department, assistance to Investment companies, privately owned, easing requirements encouraging establishment Small Business Administration, appropriation for Small Business Investment Act Amendments of 1960 Small Business Investment Act of 1958, Amendments Small Reclamation Projects Act of 1956, applicability to Hawaii Smith-Hughes Vocational Education Act, Amendments, Hawaii Omnibus Act. Smith-Lever Act, funds for effecting provisions Smithsonian Institution: Appropriation for The National Yeomen F, annual report to Congress discontinued Social Security Act: Amendments— Advisory Council on Social Security Financing Aid to the blind— Monthly exemption, increase State plans, special provisions, temporary extension Benefits, eligibility and a m o u n t s — Burial expenses, payment Children born or adopted after onset of p a r e n t ' s disability Children of deceased workers, increase in benefits Crediting of quarters of coverage for years before 1951 E a r n e d income limitation, increase. Fully insured s t a t u s H u s b and ' s, widower's, or p a r e n t ' s benefits in certain cases, extension of filing period Marriages subject to legal impedim e n t; children's benefits Maximum family benefits Penalty deductions under foreign work test

48232 0-61—-89


Page Social Security Act—Continued Page 756 Amendments—Continued Benefits, eligibility and a m o u n t s — 756 Continued P r i m a r y insurance a m o u n t s, com915 putations and recomputations; elimination of certain recomputations 960, 966 253 Public Health Service Reserve Corps officers 35 289 Stepchild, continued dependency on natural father 946 92 Survivors of individuals who died prior to 1940, payments 949 350 Wife, child, or husband, time needed to acquire s t a t u s a s — 950 Child welfare, research or demonstra196 tion projects, appropriation authorized 997 102 Court actions, survival 993 196 Coverage— American citizen employees of 196 foreign governments and international organizations 945 421 American Samoa 936 Guam., 936 413, Parent, modification of definition 414 of certain services of 942 Quarters of coverage, technical 234 amendment 82 State and local governmental em117 ployees— California, modification of coverage agreement for certain 249 employees, time extension._ 935 Certification functions, delegation by Governor 928 994 Limitation on States ' liability for employer and employee con997 tributions 930 Maine, teachers, modification of 995 coverage agreement, time extension 935 947 Mississippi, teachers, validation of coverage for certain 934 946 Municipal and county h o s p i t a l s.. 934 Nebraska, justices of the peace 959 or constables 935 Retroactive coverage 929 949 Statute of limitations for State 953 and local coverage 930 948 Texas, retirement system, two parts 936 Transference from one retirement 953 system to another 928 Virginia, policemen and firemen. 929 951 Disability insurance benefits and dis960 ability freeze— Age 50, elimination of requirement. 967 953 Special insured s t a t u s test 970