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[74 Stat. 142]
[74 Stat. 142]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



State, Department of—Continued Page Inter-American Children's Institute, appropriation authorized for United States participation 3 International B o u n d a r y and W a t e r Commission, United States and Mexico— Appropriation for 514, 558 Rio Grande storage dam, agreement for joint construction, authorization 360 International Commissions, appropriation for 514, 558, 559 International organizations and conferences. See International Organizations. Japanese Government, Bonin Islanders' claims— Appropriation for 561 Authorization for settlement 155 Justice Department, investigation of m a t t e r s under joint control, appropriation for 562 M u t u a l security program. See separate title. One-world government or citizenship, restriction on use of funds for promotion of principle of 561 P a n American Health Organization building site, transfer of funds to General Services Administration. 561 Position classification in he Foreign Service and the Department 831 Printing and binding outside United States— Appropriation for 555 Technical amendment regarding 411 Publicity or propaganda, restriction on use of funds for 571 R a m a Road, Nicaragua, appropriation for; transfer of funds to Commerce Department 560 Refugee-escapees, resettlement in United States, advisory report to Justice Department 504 Reports to Congress. See under Congress. Representation allowances, appropriation for 556 Security guard services, reimbursement of General Services Administration. 561 Services, supplies, and facilities abroad, appropriation for 555 States and political subdivisions, restriction on use of funds for payment of employees 561 Taxicabs, use by government employees in foreign countries, authorized 847

State, Department of—Continued United States Citizens Commission on N A TO, appropriation a u t h o r i z e d.. Appropriation for United States nationals adjudged mentally ill abroad requiring hospitalization, certification of Uruguay, s t a t u e of George Washington, appropriation for Vessels, resale of war-built, C l - S A Y - 1, to Republic of China, approval State Services Management Fund, establishment in Public Health Service. Stones River National Battlefield, l e n n., redesignation; b o u n d a r y revision Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act: Appropriation for effecting provisions.. Disposal of rubber under, congressional approval Submarines, Nuclear-Powered, incentive pay for d u t y aboard Subversive Activities Control Board, appropriation for Sugar Act of 1948: Amendments— Extension; quotas Hawaii statehood, technical amendments Funds for eflfecting provisions Suits in Admiralty Act, clarification of jurisdiction of certain admiralty claims "Summary-Analysis of Hearings, June 22-26, 1959, on Biological and Environmental Effects of Nuclear War", printing of additional copies Superior National Forest, Minn., appropriation for land acquisition Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1960, Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1961 Temporary appropriations, 1961 Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1961, Second Supplemental Appropriations, 1960, Additional Supreme Court of the United States. See under Courts, United States. Surplus Property, utilization, appropriation for Surplus Property Act of 1944, funds for effecting provisions

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T Tampico Fiber, temporary free importation Tanning Extracts, free importation, time extension

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