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[74 Stat. 145]
[74 Stat. 145]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Texas—Continued Page Treasury, Department of the—Continued Page Customs, Bureau of—Continued William Marsh Rice University of Awards of compensation to informers _ 284 Houston, electron microscope, d u t y Export control program, advance of free importation 914 funds from Commerce DepartThanksgiving Day, 1959, proclamation c21 m e n t for enforcement 95 Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, D.C., auFacilities for enforcement of customs thorization for erection 904 and immigration laws, increased Third Supplemental Appropriation Act, funds authorized 130 1957, validation of payments made Disbursement, Division of, appropriafor certain emergency conservation tion for 283 measures authorized by 1028 Engraving and Printing, Bureau of, Tillamook, Oreg., land conveyance to city_ 80 appropriation for 514 Tires, Laminated, manufacturers excise Government losses in shipment, p a y tax 80 ment to fund for 283 Tobacco, price support levels, modification Guard force, appropriation for 285 of formula 6 Importation or transportation of injuTombigbee National Forest, Miss., estabrious mammals, birds, etc.; penalty lishment, proclamation c23 for violations 753 Tongass National Forest, Alaska, a p Internal Revenue Service. See separate praisals and sales of land 205 title. Trading With the Enemy Act, appropriaLiquidation of corporate assets, funds tion for effecting provisions 564 available 286 Transportation: Medals, striking of— Air c a r r i e r s Century 21 Exposition, Seattle, Free or reduced rates for certain Wash., authorization 741 persons 445 Goddard, Dr. Robert H., appropriaSupplemental air transportation, tion for 52 temporary authorization 527 I d a h o Territorial Centennial, authorArmed Forces. See separate title. ization 741 Government employees. See separate Kansas statehood, one h u n d r e d t h title. anniversary 8 Mammals, birds, fish, etc., injurious, P o n y Express, one h u n d r e d t h anniregulations . 753 versary 9 Motor carriers, water carriers, and Robert Frost, authorization 883 freight forwarders engaged in interstate commerce in Alaska and Metropolitan Area Sanitary Sewage Works F u n d of the District of Hawaii, grandfather rights 382 Columbia, advance of funds 211 National Capital Transportation Act of Mint, Bureau of the, appropriation 1960 537 for 52, 285, 514 National Transportation Week, 1960, Narcotics, Bureau of, appropriation fo:r_ 284 proclamation authorized 146 Narcotics Manufacturing Act of I 9 6 0. 65 Persons, extension of excise tax rate 290 Pershing Hall Memorial, Paris, France, Valuation of property of carriers, notice, expenditures, reporting requirement use of certified mail 202 Vessels, free or reduced-rates, restricto Congress discontinued 245 tion 362 Public Debt, Bureau of, appropriation Washington Metropolitan Area Transit for 52, 283, 830 Regulation Compact 1031 Public Debt and T a x R a t e Extension Treasury, Department of the: Act of 1960 290 Accounts, Bureau of, appropriation for. 283 Rebuilt vessels engaged in coastwise Appropriation Act 283 trade, regulations prescribed 321 Appropriation for 51, 283, 514, 830 Reconstruction Finance Corporation B a n k r u p t c y proceedings, notice of credLiquidation F u n d, administrative itors meeting to District Director expenses, limitation 286 of Internal Revenue Service 466 Reports to Congress. See under ConBanks, Federal approval for mergers 129 gress. Claims, settlement of. See Claims. Saint Augustine, Fla., amendment of Coast Guard. See separate title. restriction on land use 514 Customs, Bureau of— Secret Service, United States, appropriappropriation for 52, 284, 514 tion for 52, 284