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[74 Stat. 431]
[74 Stat. 431]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]



CoNSTEucnoN, PUBLIC BUILDINOS PROJECTS For an additional amount for expenses, not otherwise provided for, necessary to construct public buildings projects and alter public buildings by extension or conversion where the estimated cost for a project is in excess of $200,000 pursuant to the Public Buildings Act of 1959 (73 Stat. 479), including equipment for such buildings, $165,441,000, ^° "^c eoi note. to remain available until expended: Provided, That the foregoing amount shall be available for public buildings projects, subject to approval of any such project by resolutions adopted by the Committee on jPublic Works of the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, at locations and at maximum construction improvement costs (excluding funds for sites and expenses) as follows: Post oflttce and Federal office building, Camden, Arkansas, $633,250; Courthouse and Federal office building, San Francisco, California, $37,286,100; Courthouse and Federal office building, Hartford, Connecticut, $7j636,400; Federal office building, Miami, Florida, $7,076,250; Post office and courthouse, Thomasville, Georgia, $1,094,000; Border station, Jackman, Maine, $289,850; Border station, Van Buren, Maine, $284,750; Border station, Vanceboro, Maine, $254,150; Immigration and Naturalization Service center, (construction and alteration) Detroit, Michigan, $874,650; Border station, Sweetgrass, Montana, $586,500; General Services Administration stores depot annex, Albuquerque^ New Mexico, $469,200; Post office and courthouse, Bismarck, North Dakota, $3,224,050; Federal office building, Toledo, Ohio, $3,867,700; Post office and courthouse (construction and alteration), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, $5,601,500; Courthouse and Federal office building, Memphis, Tennessee, $9,587,150; Border station. El Paso, Texas, $1,055,700; Post office and Federal office building, Dayton, Washington, $282,200; Federal Office Building Numbered Eight, District of Columbia, exclusive of laboratory and other equipment, $15,105,000; Federal Office Building Numbered Nine, District of Columbia, $20,031,100; Federal Office Building Numbered Ten, District of Columbia, $38,326,500; and United States Court of Claims and Court of Customs and Patent Appeals building, $6,375,000: Provided further, That the forgoing limits of costs may be exceeded to the extent that savings are ef^cted in other projects, but by not to exceed 10 per centum: Provided further, That not to exceed $5,500,000 of the foregoing appropriation may be used for clearing the site and installing footings for the authorized public building project at Chicago, Illinois. SITES AND EXPENSES, PUBLIC BUILDINGS PBOJECTS

For an additional amount for expenses necessary in connection with the construction of public buildings projects not otherwise provided for, as specified under this head in the Independent Offices Appropriation Acts of 1959 and 1960, including preliminary planning of public g^'s ^aat. loee; 73 buildings projects by contract or otherwise, $21,000,000, to remain available until expended.