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[74 Stat. 486]
[74 Stat. 486]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


N o n-a uthorized projects. Allotments.

Siirplus property, disposal. 40 USC 471 note.


[74 STAT.

will provide necessary access to the project at the least expenditure of Federal funds, and further that the State of West Virginia will accept as its responsibility the future maintenance of the road. SEC. 107. (a) That the Secretary of the Army is hereby authorized to allot from any appropriations hereafter made for rivers and harbors not to exceed $2,000,000 for any one fiscal year for the construction of small river and harbor improvement projects not specifically authorized by Congress which will result in substantial benefits to navigation and which can be operated consistently with appropriate and economic use of the waters of the Nation for other purposes, when in the opinion of the Chief of Engineers such work is advisable, if benefits aie in excess of the-cost. (b) Not more than $200,000 shall be allotted for the construction of a project under this section at any single locality and the amount allotted shall be sufficient to complete the Federal participation in the project under this section. (c) Lockl interests shall provide without cost to the United States all necessary lands, easements and rights-of-way for all projects to be constructed under the authority of this section. In addition, local interests may be required to hold and save the United States free from damages that may result from the construction and maintenance of the project and may be required to provide such additional local cooperation as the Chief of Engineers deems appropriate. A State, county, municipality or other responsible local entity shall give assurance satisfactory to the Chief of Engineers that such conditions of cooperation as are rec[uired will be accomplished. (d) Non-Federal interests may be required to share in the cost of the project to the extent that the Chief of Engineers deems that such cost should not be borne by the Federal Government in view of the recreational or otherwise special or local nature of the project benefits. (e) Each project for which money is allotted under this section shall be complete in itself and not commit the United States to any additional improvement to insure its successful operation, other than routine maintenance^ and except as may result from the normal procedure applying to projects authorized after submission of survey reports, and projects constructed under the authority of this section shall be considered as authorized projects. (f) This section shall apply to, but not be limited to, the provision of low water access navigation channels from the existing channel of the Mississippi River to harbor areas heretofore or now established and located along the Mississippi River. SEC. 108. (a) That whenever the Secretary of the Army,, upon the recommendation of the Chief of Engineers, determines that notwithstanding the provisions of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (63 Stat. 377), as amended, with respect to disposal of surplus real property, (1) the development of public port or industrial facilities on land which is part of a water resource development project under his jurisdiction will be in the public interest; (2) that such development will not interfere with the operation and maintenance of the project; and (3) that disposition of the property for these purposes under this section will serve the objectives of the project within which the land is located, he may convey the land by quitclaim deed to a State, political subdivision thereof, port district, port authority, or other body created by the State or through a compact between two or more States for the purpose of developing or encouraging the development of such facilities. In any case, where two or more political subdivisions thereof, or bodies created by, a State or group of States, seek to obtain the same land, the Secretary of the Army shall give preference to that political sub-