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[74 Stat. 584]
[74 Stat. 584]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


72 Stat. 134.

PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960

[74 S T A T.

§ 708. Box r e n t s to be prepaid (a) Patrons shall pay rent on post office boxes in advance on a quarterly basis. (b) The Postmaster General may permit patrons to provide lock boxes or drawers for their own use and at their own expense, which shall become the property of the United States subject to the direction and control of the Department. The patrons shall pay the same rent as that charged for similar boxes provided by the Department. § 709. Arrival and d e part u r e of mail The Postmaster General shall furnish to the postmasters at the terminals of each route— (1) a schedule of arrivals and departures of mail at their offices; and (2) notice of any change in the arrival and departure that may be ordered. Postmasters shall post the schedules and notices in a conspicuous place in their offices. § 710. Making up mail Letters brought for mailing to a post office half an hour before the time for the next forwarding mail shall be included therein unless, in the opinion of the Postmaster General, more time for making up the mail is required, they may be included in mail to be forwarded not more than one hour thereafter. § 711. Method of determining gross receipts (a) I n determining gross receipts at post offices of the fourth class, the Postmaster General shall allow credit only for the postage collected in addition to the regular rate on business reply cards and letters in business reply envelopes delivered at those offices. (b) The gross receipts do not include money received for— (1) setting meters for patrons beyond the area served by his office unless authorized hj the Department; (2) stamps, stamped envelopes and postal cards sold in large or unusual quantities to be used in mailing matter at other offices; and (3) stamps, stamped envelopes and postal cards sold for mailing matter diverted from other offices, and mailings of matter so diverted without stamps affixed. (c) The part of the gross postal receipts of a post office, that are determined in accordance with estimates of the Postmaster General to be attributable to the increases in postage rates provided by Public Law 85-426, may not be counted for the purpose of determining the classes of the respective post offices and the compensation and allowances of postmasters and other employees whose compensation or allowances are based on the annual gross receipts of such post offices. This section does not operate to relegate a post office to a class or receipts category below the class or receipts category to which it may be assigned on the basis of gross postal receipts accruing during the last complete calendar year prior to May 27, 1958, or, in the case of a post office which was in existence on that date but which was not in existence during the whole of that calendar year, on the basis of gross postal receipts accruing during the last quarter prior to May 27, 1958.