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[74 Stat. 609]
[74 Stat. 609]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 6 8 2 - S E P T. 2, 1960


§ 3114. Rural carriers not to carry merchandise Rural carriers may not solicit business or receive orders for any person. The Postmaster General may permit them to carry merchandise for hire during their hours of duty for and at the request of patrons residing on their routes. § 3115. Special delivery messengers as employees or carriers (a) A person temporarily employed to deliver special delivery mail is deemed an employee of the postal service, and is subject to the provisions of chapter 83 of title 18 to the same extent as other j s use i69i et seq. employees of the Department. (b) Any person, when engaged in carrying special delivery mail under contract with the Department, or employed by the Department, is deemed a carrier or person entrusted with the mail and having custody thereof, within the meaning of sections 1701, 1708, and 2114 of title 18. § 3116. Uniforms and badges (a) The Postmaster General may prescribe a uniform dress to be worn by letter carriers. (b) The Postmaster General may not require employees in the Postal Transportation Service to wear any uniform other than cap or badge. CHAPTER


ESTABLISHMENT OF POSITIONS Sec. 3301. Personnel requirements. 3302. Substitute positions. POSTMASTERS 3311. Method of apiwintment. 3312. Residence requirements. 3313. Appointment in f ourth class offices in Alaska. 3314. Status on change in class of office. 3315. Filling vacancies. 3316. Designation of persons to act during absence. 3317. Leave without pay for military service. ASSIGNMENT AND TRANSFER OF EMPLOYEES 3331. 3332. 3333. 3334. 3335. 3336. 3337. 3338. 3339.

Duty station. Assignment to branches and stations. Transfer of postal transportation employees. Transfer of ten-point preference eligibles. Dual employment and extra duties. Detail to stations of Armed Forces. Promotions and assignment of rural carriers. Filling vacancies on rural routes. Consolidation of rural routes.

ESTABLISHMENT OF POSITIONS § 3301. Personnel requirements The Postmaster General shall determine the personnel requirements of the postal field service, and fix the numoer of supervisors and other employees in that service, except that there may not be at any one time more than— (1) one assistant postmaster employed at any post office; (2) 40 employees in positions assigned to salary level 17; (8) 12 employees in positions assigned to salary level 18; ^4) four employees in positions assigned to salary level 19; or (5) 15 employees in positions assigned to salary level 20. 48232 0-61-39