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[74 Stat. 627]
[74 Stat. 627]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. J

PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960

(G) Prepares annual estimates of manpower needs and operating allowances for submission as required. (H) Prepares reports of a recurring nature, reflecting various transactions of the office, such as personnel salary summaries, retirement and withholding tax data, cost estimates, money order and bond summaries and schedules of disbursement. (I) Maintains all files for the office. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.—Administratively responsible to a district manager. § 3519. Positions in salary level 8 (a) GENERAL FOREMAN.—R. P. O. (KP-23) (1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Directs mail service operations in a railway post office train with two or more authorized cars. Supervises a crew of foremen and clerks whose primary function is the distribution and exchange of mails en route. (2)


(A) Provides for the proper distribution, exchange, and dispatch of mail regularly assigned for handling in the railway post office cars. Makes decisions concerning the most expeditious dispatch, rerouting and utilization of alternative connections involving iregularly received mail and also in emergency situations. (B) Directs mail service operations in the railway post office train including: (i) Rapid distribution of all classes of mail in accordance with official diagrams and via most advantageous routing. (ii) Handling, recording, and protection of registered mails. (iii) Makeup and exchange of mail at intermediate and terminal offices. (iv) Proper utilization of space in each railway post office car with relation to other storage space in train and, except as charged to transfer clerks, for proper handling of all storage mail in train. (v) Loading and unloading of railway post office cars to assure maximum use of available storage space without additional cost. f vi) Proper usage of mail equipment and supplies. (vii) Maintenance of distribution schemes and schedules of mail routes in corrected condition. (C) Supervises the activities of foremen and clerks in the cars and reassigns them to various duties as may be required to complete maximum distribution. Instructs clerks on proper practices and procedures and reports failures to meet operating standards to the district superintendent. (D) Inspects condition of railway post office cars and reports to the railroad company unsatisfactory situations. (E) Completes trip report form covering service operations, including particulars of train operation, roster of clerks on dutyj mails received, worked, and dispatched, and mails not worked; prepares a list of all cars on train in which mail is carried, a record of the mail, and a report of any iregularities in service. Observes and reports to district superintendent any failure of the railroad company to afford protection to the mail. (F) May personally distribute letter mail for one or more States, and maintain record of pouches received and dispatched. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.—Administratively responsible to a district superintendent or other designated superior. Directs, through one or more subordinate foremen, clerks assigned to the run.