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[74 Stat. 637]
[74 Stat. 637]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 6 8 2 - S E P T. 2, 1960

(b) POSTMASTER, FIRST CLASS OFFICE. (KP-38) (1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Is responsible for all operations of a first

class post office, including direction and supervision of mails, finance, buildings, personnel, and related services in the main post office, stations, luid branches. This office has approximately four hundred and fifty employees, annual receipts of $2,700,000, fifty Government-owned vehicle units, one classified station or branch, and one hundred and thirty carrier routes within its jurisdiction. (2) DUTIES AND KESPONSIBILITIES.—

(A) Organizes the post office to insure expeditious handling of the mails and to provide courteous and efficient postal service to patrons. (B) Represents the Post Office Department in its relationships with the public in the area. (C) Appoints personnel to serve in the post office within the limits prescribed by Departmental and Civil Service Regulations; determines that personnel are carefully selected and adequately trained in their respective positions. (D) Supervises the administration of the Efficiency Appraisal System and is responsible for maintaining satisfactory employee relations with representatives of employee organizations and individual employees. (E) Reviews estimates of manpower needs and operating allowances, submits requests and recommendations as require(L and determines that operations are efficiently carried out and expenditures authorized in accordance with approved estimates. (F) Provides for the safeguarding of all moneys, the operation and maintenance of equipment and other facilities of the post office, and for the expenditure of funds in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. (G) Approves requisitions for supplies and equipment submitted by operating officials of the post office for submission to the Supply Center or the Department. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.—Administratively responsible to a regional director or other designated superior. § 3526. Positions in salary level 15 (a) ASSISTANT POSTMASTER, FIRST CLASS OFFICE. (KP-39) (1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Serves as the overall assistant to the post-

master, particularly on internal operations, and provides general direction over the mails, finance, administrative and service functions of the post office. This office has approximately three thousand two hundred employees, annual receipts of $16,900,000, two hundred Government-owned vehicle units, thirty-four classified stations and branches, and one thousand carrier routes within its jurisdiction. (2) DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES.—

(A) Participates in the organization and management of the office to insure expeditious handling of the mails and to provide courteous and efficient service to patrons. (B) Reviews and evaluates recommendations referred to the postmaster by subordinates with respect to promotions and disciplining of post-office personnel; generally oversees the training of all personnel for their respective positions. (C) Directs a continuous audit program concerning the accountability of responsible finance employees of the office. (D) Reviews estimates of manpower needs and operating allowances for action of the postmaster. (E) Analyzes and reports to the postmaster the daily manpower expenditures and is responsible through designated subordinates