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[74 Stat. 641]
[74 Stat. 641]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960


plexity of the mail and mail handling operations, and concentrations which create congestions. I s responsible for the transportation, transfer, distribution, and dispatch of mail in transit, and for the efficient and economical operation of the division. (2) D U T I E S AND RESPONsiBiLrriES.—

(A) Directs and coordinates the activities of subordinate district superintendents in planning and effectuating the transportation and processing of transit mail within, entering, or emanating from the division; confers with officials of commercial carriers regarding mail handling and transportation schedules, security of mails in transit, and rates. (B) Provides, through his assistants, general supervision over the activities of the employees of the division. Establishes manpower controls, effective employee relations, and inspections of personnel activities, both informally and as required by regulations. (C) Exercises administrative control over the district superintendents and, through them, the constituent field units such as transfer offices, air mail fields, terminals, railway post office lines, highway post office lines, and contract carriers such as star routes and mail messengers routes, and related operating units; maintains financial control of the division, reporting on expenditures and requirements as directed. (D) Maintains liaison with airlines, railroads, trucklines, and other contract carriers; contacts major publishers, mail-order houses, and other large volume patrons with respect to mass mailing problems. (E) Coordinates division activities with those of contiguous divisions and with other segments of the Post Office Department within the area. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL



sible to a regional director. Directs, through an assistant and district superintendents, approximately three thousand three hundred or more employees. (b) ASSISTANT POSTMASTER, LARGEST FIRST CLASS OFFICE. (KP-45)

(1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Serves as the overall assistant to the postmaster, particularly on internal operations, and provides general direction over the mails, finance, administrative, and service functions of the post office. This office has approximately twenty thousand employees, annual receipts of $140,000,000, one thousand one hundred Government-owned motor-vehicle units, sixty-six classified stations and branches, and three thousand two hundred carrier routes within its jurisdiction. (2)


(A) Participates in the organization and management of the office to insure expeditious handling of the mails and to provide courteous and efficient service to patrons. (B) Reviews and evaluates recommendations referred to the postmaster by subordinates with respect to promotions and disciplining of post-office personnel; generally oversees the training of all personnel for their respective positions. (C) Directs a continuous audit program concerning the accountability of responsible finance employees of the office. (D) Reviews estimates of manpower needs and operating allowances for action of the postmaster. (E) Analyzes and reports to the postmaster the daily manpower expenditures and is responsible through designated subordinates for maintaining proper apportionment of authorized allowances to operating units. 48232 0-61-41